Order is my purpose. To that end, I shall assist you.


Class: Bruiser

Health: 3/5

Stamina: 3/5

Attack: 2/5

Defense: 4/5

Accuracy: 3/5

Evasion: 2/5

Team-Up Bonuses

  • Pokemon
  • Legendary
  • Life and Death


  • Ground Type
    • Takes reduced damage from Poison, Biofeedback, and Nanoplague
  • Aura Break
    • Enemy attacks with Finest Hour! deal reduced damage if the attacker has Strengthened, Fortified, Agile, or  Focused
    • Enemy attacks with Paragon Exploiter deal reduced damage if the target has Weakened, Exposed, Slowed, or Dizzy


  1. Bulldoze (Ground) - All enemies, 5 hits
    1. Hobbled
    2. Slowed
  2. Dragon Pulse (Ranged Energy) - Single target, 1 hit
    1. True Strike
    2. Fumbling
  3. Land's Wrath (Ground Energy) - All enemies,  13 hits. 1 round cooldown
    1. Power of the Earth
      1. Can hit Flying targets
    2. Catastrophic
    3. Exploits Flying
  4. Draco Meteor (Ranged) - Single target, 1 hit. 2 round cooldown
    1. Catastrophic
    2. High Crits
    3. Deadly Crits
    4. Causes Weakened and Impaired on Zygarde

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