NOTE; This is my Zekrom from Pokémon White. He is the first of a set of the Koena's Strongest Warriors Set characters. When we were younger, Blazikenisawsome and I used to make up stories of a world where our favorite characters from around the universes were ours in an army. This is My Strongest Pokémon in that world, enjoy. The Bios on these characters are my own. Thus my world.

Bio: Once upon a time, a Zekrom hatched from an egg as a deformed, injured young Zekrom. Because of his deformed wings, he was abanded by his parents in the woods, alone and sick. Everyone thought they would hear him crying out from some where, but he was never found. One Day. however, he was found by a mysterious young man. Since that day, he and his trainer have grown up over the years. Becoming close friends, his trainer named him Zechariah. Unsure of his past, The Mighty Zechariah overcomes his problems and is one of the boys strongest Pokémon. He has even taken the title of Strongest Pokémon Alive.

Character Info

Name: Zechariah

Class: Blaster/Bruiser

Organizations: Champion of the Koena Region's Team

Stats: HP 4/5, Stam 3/5, Att 5/5, Def 4/5, Acc 3/5, Evas 3/5

Passive 1: Koena's Strongest - Shares Passive with other Koena's Strongest Characters.

Teravolt: Causes Static Charge and Removes Buffs on Contact. Attacks ignore defense and Guarantee Hits, and Electric on Melee attacks.

Passive 2: Dragon Type: Water, electric, and fire attacks do 50% less damage. Resistant to dots, and immune to burning and static charge.

Passive 3: Bastion

Passive 4: Flying

Recruitment Quote

My Master stands with you against the Incursions. So Shall I.

And just to clarify, Yes, I CAN talk.


1. Dragon Claw - Single Hit - Single Target - Melee

Debuffs: Bleeding X3, Ravaged


2. Crunch - 2 Hits - Melee

Debuffs: Shield Breaker, Exposed, Fear Spreader

Fear Spreader: Chance to cause Fear Debuffs, which include Cower, Intimidated, Shell Shocked, and Mind Control

3. Zen Headbutt - 3 hits - Melee

Debuffs: Incapacitation, Exploit Fear

Psychic Attack

4.: Bolt Strike - 10 hits, multi-target - Ranged, Electric, Energy, Explosion

Debuffs: Static Charge, Flammable, Lock-On, Exploit Exploitation

Team-Up Bonuses

Koena's Strongest(More Coming Soon)


More Coming Soon...

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