Fight Against an Armed Boss - Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars Music Extended30:00

Fight Against an Armed Boss - Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars Music Extended

His battle theme


Yaridovich is one of Smithy's lieutenants in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and a master of disguise. He is a shape-shifter and can assume many sizes and shapes. Just like Smithy, Yaridovich can even impersonate whole populations by splitting himself into multiple bodies. However, Yaridovich cannot change his color, and as such, any form he takes exists in shades of gray and red. In his true form, Yaridovich resembles a spear. His name itself comes from a Japanese spear known as a "yari". It is also a Russian patronym that means "Son of Yarid."

Class: Bruiser

Becomes Enraged when attacking or being attacked by Scrappers

Blasters always Critical Hit Him


Relentless - immune to Stun, Fear, Exhaustion, and Prevention effects

Toxin Immunity - immune to Poison

Riposte - counters Melee attacks (with Spear Thrust)

Thunder weakness - vulnerable to Electric attacks


Spear Thrust

  • Slashing Melee
  • Hits One Enemy
  • (enemy) Bleeding - takes damage each turn and when attacking

Water Blast

  • Water Ranged
  • Hits All Enemies
  • (enemy) Waterlogged - reduces evasion but prevents burning

Flame Stone

  • Ranged Fire
  • Hits One Enemy
  • (enemy) Burning - takes damage each turn with reduced defense

Willy Wisp

  • Ranged Magic
  • Hits One Enemy

Mirage Attack!

  • Buff
  • Yaridovich summons two clones of himself, which have less health than him.
  • (self) Mirror images - 70% chance to evade the next two single-target attacks

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