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With the coming of the South by Southwest expo, we got a lot of announcements. And with all the Winter Soldier crazyness, everybody thought: "Yay, new Winter Soldier lockbox!"... WRONG. Winter Soldier has been confirmed to just be a villain throughout Special Operations 17 - Ghosts of the Past. But in this blog post, let's think of how M:AA would be if Winter Soldier was a playable character!

Modern Winter Soldier

Cost: Complete "From the Past" Collection

Class: Infiltrator

Base Stats:








  •  Joint Assault
    • ​Chance to perform an attack when an ally attacks or is attacked.
  •  Master Marksman
  •  Winter is Coming
    • ​All of Winter Soldier's attacks are permanently Stealthy and do not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities.
    • Immune to  Hobbled and Pinpoint effects.
    • Immune to  Off-balance

L1 Ability - Rapid Fire (Ranged Gun) - One Enemy, 10 Hits, No Cooldown

Special Properties

One Enemy

L2 Ability - Snipe (Ranged Gun) -One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

Special Properties

One Enemy

L6 Ability - Enhanced Reaction (Buff) - Self, 100% chance, 3 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties


  •  Awareness (2 Rounds)
    • Counters single-target attacks
    • 20% chance to dodge incoming attacks
    • All attacks  Exploit Opportunity while this is active

L9 Ability - Shock Palm (Ranged Melee Electric Tech) - One Enemy, One Hit, 2 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties

One Enemy

Well, that's kind of it. Post what you thought of this fanwork in the comments, thanks for reading!

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