Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 024
Debuff 3 rounds
 Taking additional damage from melee attacks
3 rounds
Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 024
 Taking additional damage from melee attacks


  • Characters with this effect take 25% additional damage from melee attacks.


Amy Rose/russgamemaster - Hammer Swing (Pain Train)

Maud Pie/russgamemaster - Rock Slide

Pinkie Pie/russgamemaster - Cupcakes

Applejack/russgamemaster - Rope (Pain Train)

The Great And Powerful Trixie/russgamemaster - Cape Slash

Daring Do/russgamemaster - Combo Breaker

Sweetie Belle/russgamemaster - Magic Choke (Pain Train)

Scootaloo/russgamemaster - Scoota-Dive

Princess Luna/russgamemaster - Crescent Moon Blade Punch

Princess Peach/russgamemaster - Frying Pan

Octavia Melody/russgamemaster - Blaster Cello passive (any attack)

Wii Fit Trainer/russgamemaster - Stretch Combo

Mega Man X/russgamemaster - Z-Saber (Generalist)

Zero/russgamemaster - Three-slash combo

Fluttershy/russgamemaster - Furious Furries

Quick Man/russgamemaster - Boomerang Sweep

King Dedede/russgamemaster - Hammering Blow (Pain Train)

Youmu Konpaku/russgamemaster - Genmurei

Kunoichi/russgamemaster - Katana Strike

Puss in Boots/russgamemaster - Thief's Strike

Kitty Softpaws/russgamemaster - Sneak Attack

Colgate/russgamemaster - Toothbrush Club

TF2 Scout/Jan mathew dagdagan - BONK! (Aluminum Bat), Second Beating (Quickness Counter) (Running E-iso) (Pain Train)

TF2 Pyro/Jan mathew dagdagan - Manmelter (Dr. Grordbort Moonman Pack) (Pain Train)

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