White Rabbit (Lockbox Hero)


Class: Infiltrator


We're Late! We're Late!

Attempts to go first. (Cannot bypass Quicksilver, Spitfire, Hawkeye, or Captain America)

Takes 2 turns per round.

Immune to Extra Turn, Burst Of Speed, Tactical Maneuvers, Bonus Attack!, Quantum Acceleration, Time Shift, etc.

Psychopath -

No regard for allies, will attack them in order to become more powerful

Can only occur once per round.

Grants White Rabbit "Crazy" (Increases Accuracy and Attack By +15%. Stacks to 5)

If Ally is defeated by White Rabbit, White Rabbit gains "Oops" (White Rabbit will no longer hit Allies. Gains "Crazy" every round)

Over Hare!

20% Chance to dodge attacks and counter with "Knife to see you!" (Hits 3 Times, Deals low damage, Applies "Open Wound")


Lvl 1: Line of Fire

Hits twice, deals moderate damage, applies Lock-On, Target Focus, and Skillshot.

With one stack of "Crazy", this attack will now apply Dazed

Two stacks = High Crits

Three stacks = Deadly Crits

Four stacks = Stealthy

Five stacks = Guaranteed Hit And True Strike

Lvl 2: Bag O' Tricks

Will use an offensive item on enemy, healing item on ally, or defensive item on self.

Offensive items include: Antiserum Bomb, Chaotic Grenade, The Crippler, EMP Sweeper, The Immobilizer, Pumpkin Bomb, Vibranium Frag Grenade, Web Grenade, or Elite Combat Localized Nullifier (Very low chance for this to occur. Does not occur in PvP. This item is the 10 Gold item from the Combat Store)

Healing items include: First Aid Pack (I-VI), Stamina Boost (I-V), Restoration Pack (I-V), Shawarma, Quantum Elixir, or Team Healing Elixir.

Defensive items include: Armor Piercer, Concealed Blades, Counter Strike, Double Strike, Gene Inoculation, Panacea Injection, Penetrating Strike, or Revenge Strike

Consumes one stack of "Crazy" to make it a Free Action (Can be used up to 5 times)

With five stacks grant self "Quartermaster"

Lvl 3: Looking Glass

Removes all stacks of Crazy from self. Grant Allies "Competence", "Lead The Charge", and "Combat Awareness".

If used while under "Oops", remaining Ally gains "Burst of Speed" instead.

Lvl 4: Rabbit Fire

Starts cooled down, Full Round Action, deals heavy damage, applies Targeted to all enemies before attack, Exploits Bleeding, if enemy is under any Targeting effects (Target Focus, Targeted, Lock-On, Staggered, etc.) will consume and deal extra damage. Applies Mangle, Disadvantage, Incapitation, And Remove Buffs.

Consumes 3 Stacks of "Crazy" for it to not attack ally. Consumes "Oops" to apply Flanked, Fumbling, and Buff Blocker.

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