Bio: WALL·E (short for Waste Allocation Lift Loader, Earth-Class) is the only robot of his kind left on Earth after a botched attempt at trying to clean the trash-covered planet. The WALL·E units were left behind to clean the planet while humanity enjoyed a 5-year cruise. Before the last of the humans left Earth for good, claiming operation Cleanup wasn't working, they forgot to turn WALL·E off. The 5-year cruise became a 700-year cruise with humans content to remain in space, waited on hand and foot by an army of robots care of the Buy N Large corporation. After 700 years of continuing his directive, i.e. cleaning the planet, WALL"E developed one little glitch: a personality. He is extremely curious, friendly to his pet cockroach, Hal, and even a little bit lonely.

Character Info

Name: WALL-E

Oufit: Classic WALL-E

Class: Generalist

Stats: hp 2/5, stam 4/5, att 2/5, def 3/5, acc 2/5, evas 3/5

Passive 1: Operation: Cleanup - If no ally has removed debuffs this round, WALL-E will. Remove Debuffs from All Allies.

Passive 2: Mechanical Body


1. Whoops! - AoE - N/A

  • Idea for Animation: WALL-E is doing his job, when he pulls some trash out and lots of it comes toppling down on the enemy.

Debuffs: Slowed, Pain

2. Declutter - Multi-Function

2A. WaLL-e? Buffs - Remove Debuffs

2B WA-A-LL-E! - Debuffs: Remove Buffs

3. WAA-LL-E - Team - Buff

Buffs: Build-Up, Extra Turn

4. Treasure Trove - Multi-Function

4A: Light Bulb - Team - Buff Buffs: Illuminated - Attacks have True Strike(2 rounds)

  • 3 round CD

4B: Bubble Wrap - Team - Buff Buffs: Covered - Minor Shield, Reduced Damage

4C: - Rubix Cube - AoE - Debuff Debuffs: Disoriented

4D - Assorted Silverware - AoE - Ranged Abilities:

  • Guarenteed 1st attack(Spoons), which causes Migraine
  • Chance for 2nd Attack(Forks), Which cause Bleeding and Hemmorhage
  • Chance for 3rd Attack(Sporks!) which causes Mor Bleeding and Makes Migraine Mental Anguish!


Lego walle

NEW! Passive: Solar Powered - Fire and Energy attacks against this target cause WALL-E to deal increased damage and take reduced damage. Stacks 5 times.

NEW! Class: Generalist(Tact Power) or Generalist(Bruiser Power)

NEW! Tact Power UPDATE!(WALL-E Only) - Gains an extra turn when attacked.

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