This is a blog compiling a list of ideas we had in chat the first day of 2015, about how they might revamp the Avengers alts with the coming Age of Ultron Spec Ops.

The new passive would consist of this, each Avenger would have a unique passive they give to Avenger allies, Coulson's Revenge would keep the current passive for Cooperative, Coordinated and Collaborative buffs based on number of Avenger allies.

Predicative Defenses (Iron Man)

Avenger allies gain Adaptive Intuition, reducing damage of melee or ranged attacks by 25% after being hit. (Basically, if Iron Man gets hit by a ranged attack, he cuts ranged damage by 25% until hit by a melee when it swaps). 10% chance to generate a Deflector Shield. when this works.

Stealth Training (Black Widow)

Avenger allies gain Stealthy on their attacks. 

Steadfast Shield (Captain America)

Avenger allies may take reduced damage or resist crits (35% chance). 

Asgard's Blessing! (Thor)

All Avenger allies gain Empowered, giving them an unremovable 25% boost to attack. Counts as Strengthened for the purpose of attacks, but can stack with Strengthened.

Cybernetic Systems (Vision)

Allied Avenger attacks have a chance to gain Obsolete Tech (35%)

Uncanny Accuracy (Hawkeye)

Avenger allies gain Guaranteed Hit on their attacks.

Unstoppable (Hulk)

Avenger allies have a 35% chance for attacks to gain Catastrophic each round.

Improbable Aura (Scarlet Witch) 

Low chance to counter attacks against allies with Chaos Shot debuffs. Avenger allies have a 35% chance to apply Chaos Shot on their attacks.

Incredible Speed (Quicksilver)

Avenger allies gain a 20% chance to dodge all attacks. This effect cannot be prevented by True Strike.

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