Required heroes: Princess Twilight Sparkle and Applejack

Enemy: Mack and two Shysters

Story: There's another big Mac in town. Twilight and Applejack meet him, but this is one of Smithy's lieutenants rather than the one they know and love. They're not gonna let him take over Ponyville or anything.

Special condition: The Shysters are protecting Mack, but kicking them will disorient them. If Mack gets hit by one of his own men, Mack will hit the Shyster back.

Battle strategy: It may be tempting to use the Fire Twilight alt since Mack uses fire attacks, but you're gonna need Twilight's Tactician class for this one. Teleport Kick Mack first, then one of his Shysters. Then Applebuck the other Shyster. Use Rope to attack Mack directly if he gets Flanked from Twilight's counter-attack.

Empowered Iso-8: Honest Iso-8 (Applejack) - When protecting allies, removes their debuffs and gains an extra turn.

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