Story: In order to protect their magic from Lord Tirek, the other princesses have transferred their magic to Twilight Sparkle. Can she defeat him without her friends? 

Required Hero: Princess Twilight Sparkle

Enemy: Lord Tirek

Special condition: Ultimate Alicorn Power - As the other princesses have shared their power with Twilight, she's taking three actions per round and has three times more hit points than average. And debuffs only persist for a single turn.

Battle strategy: Equip the Fire Twilight Bruiser alt in order to automatically counter melee attacks, replace Burning with Flame On!, and cause Burning, Pyrophoric, and Soulfire. Drain Energy will then give Tirek Enraged rather than extra turns or Focused Attacks. Start by Teleport Kicking both arms and the head. His fist slam earthquake won't hit you because you're flying, and the single-target attacks will provoke a counter-attack. (Don't use the Infiltrator alt, since he can cause Disadvantage.) Use Leading Shot again on whichever part got Flanked, but focus on the arms first, then attack the head again once both arms are down. As long as the head has Pyrophoric, attacking the arms will also damage the head. Whenever one of your attack applies Weak Point, use Unstable Magic.

Empowered Iso-8: Ultimate Power Iso-8 - Gives Twilight the Ultimate Alicorn Power passive outside of the Heroic Battle, but she cannot operate with the Agent or other heroes. Choose between ultimate power and the magic of friendship before using this.

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