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Time Doesn't Stop for Anyone: Mashup -

Welcome to my sequel of the Lake Retreat Hero Mashup, which pitted Marvel and DC characters in a war that would end up being more than just a war.  What has happened to your favorites?  First, check the first part out (Lake Retreat Hero Mashup ).

Now, some people will be back again to fight.  Some won't.  I will be offering two things in the form of participation for this new story.

In the Beginning...

Lost in time, somewhere, Superman and Wonder Woman find themselves.  From their little skirmish with the Marvel generals, they lost the battle.  And now they were lost.  They looked up at the dark sky.  They were in some other world.  Or time.  Or their world and time, just different.

"Silly people.  You should not have come anywhere close to here.  You are wanted people, I tell you."  Polaris glowered over Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Invisible Woman, Black Widow, Daredevil, Psylocke, Deadpool and Batman.  Why don't we take Miss Wanda up first for questioning... And she yanked Scarlet Witch out of the energized cell, out of the cold dark room and through the halls.

"Why are you here?!  We know what you did, but you people are supposed to be extinct!"  Polaris yelled.  "Look, Polaris.  I am quite as confused as you.  I don't know where we are, and what is going on and why you are still here."  Wanda quietly answered.  "Silly woman, the year is 1968!  The Watchmen, me of course, and Magneto and everyone else own this place.  And this city!  And part of this world!  We are all that is left of us!"  She shouted, spitting at Wanda.  No... They had altered time to a completely different happening.  Venom was gone, so Spiderman didn't need to fight him.  And he got tired of gangs in 1930s New York, probably... And so he left.  And he didn't meet any of the other superheroes and get them to use their powers for good... And this was the result.

They were stuck in a much different world.  Where no good has gone on for at least 30 years.  Where people like Magneto, an irreplacably-hurt soul.  Who would rise to power when people like the Xmen didn't exist, because no one knew about the supernatural.  Only the ones who had the abilities and had the means to rise up with them...

But Wanda didn't have much time to ask or say anything else.

Only the team stuck in the cell realized what happened next.  Scarlet Witch was destroyed by the magic woman Polaris.  The team was stuck here, in another time period where they were not wanted and would be murdered.

As the team was stuck in the huge base, they wondered what happened to everyone else.  But it was no wonder. 

Havok was killed years ago, when he was found out by Magneto, who also killed Blade with the help of Blackheart.  Captain Marvel and the heroes from the future were called, who helped to no avail.  No one knows what has happened to them.

Who knows who is now left.  Going to sleep, the team of heroes, stuck in the dystopian 1960s, in the clutches of evil, swore that they would get out of here.  With that, they listened to the rain pound on the steel walls and ceiling of this dreadfully cold evil base.

In a Tidal Wave of Mystery;

"So, kids.  Let's get out to explaining why we are all here..."  Magneto said with extreme distaste.  Around him, Polaris and the Watchmen, Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan and Nite Owl and Silk Spectre and Ozymandias and The Comedian.  They were a tough looking bunch.  This was what happened when most of the supernatural influence occured.  Dictators arrived.

"Explain yourselves, or take the consequences."  Rorschach shouted.  Invisible Woman winced, disliking this sort of interrogation.  She didn't like any interrogation, actually.  Psylocke touched her shoulder to comfort her, when Polaris slapped her across the face.  "Look at us, kids!  We know you attacked Venom and killed him.  It has been news for the past thirty years!  A strange group of heroes who mysteriously left, yet this was banned almost everywhere.  No one thought this was possible.  That is how we got formed.  To root out little losers like you guys.  Power is supposed to be displayed.  That is how the country got out of the Depression.  We were there to help everyone and do our part."  Listening to this, Spidermans mouth couldn't not be dropped like it was.  This was how history was rewritten.

Psylocke was ready, though.  She was sending telepathic messages to everyone, which told them to rearrange themselves slightly.  In a circular room filled with corridors going everywhere, they could get out and manage it.  Black Widow stood by Psylocke.  Spiderman and Invisible Woman took the left and right sides, still looking at the villains.  And Daredevil, Batman and Deadpool stood behind all of them.  Psylocke glared right at Polaris.  "Hah, you think I can't tell what you are doing.  Put them back in their cells."  She said, dismissively.  Her and Magneto went to talking amongst themselves.  And Psylocke gave the cue as the Watchmen closed in.  "We can take them."

BOOM! Psylocke burst out with telepathic energy, slamming the Watchmen back.  Only Dr. Manhattan still was standing.  With that, Psylocke and Invisible Woman went down a corridor to the right.  Deadpool grabbed Daredevil and Batman, teleporting with them to a corridor to the right also.  Spiderman and Black Widow took a corridor to the left.  The Watchmen regrouped and set out to the corridors to head them off.

Deadpool whipped out his swords, looking back and seeing only walls getting longer and longer.  They seemed to just be running down as far as they could, nowhere to go.  But then he looked farther down.  The Comedian and Dr. Manhattan were on their tail.  Oh boy, this would be fun.

Psylocke and Invisible Woman, invisible, went down several corridors inside their corridor.  They would not be found.  But Psylocke discovered that Polaris was chasing them... They would probably be found.  And Ozymandias was with them.  He had some power.

Spiderman and Black Widow booked it, Widow in front as she was a primal animal, checking anywhere that they could be attacked.  We have to find shelter, she knew.  Well, not shelter.  But some form of staying somewhere and being safe before they could find out how to get out.  But Spiderman gasped, and felt Silk Spectre and Nite Owl coming for them. 

Polaris slammed Psylocke with a blast of dark green magic.  Psylocke grunted and figured a telekinetic katana for herself, jumping and spinning in the air to come down onto Polaris with it.  A flash of lightning burst out, shaking the whole base as Psylockes blade connected with something.  Psylocke looked to see Polaris stabbed in the arm, and she shrugged and backhanded Betsy with a flash of light.  Meanwhile, Invisible Woman traded blasts with Ozymandias.  Strange, Psylocke figured he had great powers.  But only his gadgets could trade blasts with Sue.  As she thought this, Polaris was getting a magic strike ready.  Sue looked over to scream, and Psylocke flipped upwards just in time to dodge a fatal strike.  But she connected with a metal fencing of some sort, and fell to the gruond.  She put her hands up and shot purple blasts at Polaris who sent up a shield of great power.  Her eyes sparkled and she walked over to Psylocke and picked her up, throwing her into the metal fencing, which collapsed, revealing a small room.  Invisible Woman struck an energy wall into Ozymandias, and ran after the two women.  She found Polaris slashing through Psylocke with her own katana.  Sue screamed, and ran as fast as she could away from here.

Spiderman easily took down Nite Owl, whos karate skills were good but not enough to fare with Spiderman.  Peter dodged his deadly strikes and flipped up behind him, and jumped on his back and slammed him down.  He webbed him up and kicked him a few times for good measure.  Black Widow, meanwhile, turned into a widowmaker and slammed her fists into Silk Spectre, who was easily surprised but kept managing a small kick or jab somewhere in there.  Widow shot at her, which didn't seem to help much.  Spectre would jump off the walls and slam her leg into Widows stomach.  But finally Widow took her by the wrist and slammed her down.  She got her gun and shot a few blasts into her chest.  Of course, non fatal shots.  She was not here to kill.  Widow nodded to Peter and the two kept moving.

Deadpool made easy work out of the Comedian.  Guns could not trip up his slashing skills.  He cut him and threw some disruptive gadgets at him, removing the Comedians cool attitude.  He soon got angry and attempted some karate, which Deadpool just teleported from and stabbed him in the back or the side.  With one last teleportation, he elbowed Comedian in the face and he was out.  Deadpool giggled and picked up his body, cradling him like a little baby.  Meanwhile, Dr. Manhattan traded blows with Daredevil, who was blind but could dodge attacks from a superhuman thing.  Batman and Rorschach melee battled too, Rorschach the clear loser.  These people were not trained too well, never fighting other superhuman people.  But once him and Deadpool were done, they were attacked by Dr. Manhattan, a clear fighter.  Right before he was taken down, though, blasts were sent through the corridors, smashing through everything.  "Oh, no.  We have some more company."  And the three fled, chased by Dr. Manhattan and another guest.  Deadpool was hit, and picked up by Daredevil.  The three hid inside an open room, filled with chemicals of some sort.  They set Deadpool down, who just laughed.  Batman examined the wounds.  "These are molecular blasts."  Daredevil set his gaze down... I know who this is from.  Apocalypse.  We are doomed."

A dying Deadpool was sat on a table while two clones of Dr. Manhattan arrived, one taking Batman by the neck and smashing his neck, crippling him.  Daredevil panicked and slung Deadpool over his shoulder and took Batman in his arm.  He kicked open the door and ran, almost right into Spiderman, where Black Widow was no one knew.  "I lost her!  We both went down different corridors at the same time!"  Daredevil nodded, and gave Deadpool to Spiderman.  "We have to get out of here!  These two are dying." Daredevil worried.  Spiderman accepted this and the two ran for it.  Finally attacked by Dr. Manhattan and Apocalypse.  They protected themselves with the now-dead bodies of Deadpool and Batman, which they realized and finally shed them.  They ran, Spiderman finally taking Daredevil and web-swinging out.  They were being weeded out, one by one.

Black Widow caught Invisible Woman at the right moment.  "We have to get out!  Psylocke, she got killed and Polaris is insanely strong and-"  Black Widow took her by the shoulder and held her tight.  "You are fine, you are with me.  I feel bad about her too, but we have to move on now."  She took Sue with her and they ran, eventually running into the two boys.  Black Widow razored a panel off the wall, after some work, and they found another room on the other side.  They partially closed up the wall again, stuck in another cold and gloomy room.  But they finally found an exit.  Pushing a window out, they found the city.  They were high up.  But there were buildings close.  Black Widow smashed up the window and some of the wall, and they realized they could jump (or float with the help of Sue) over to the buildings.  Black Widow found a good one and took a running start to jet herself out and onto the building.  Spiderman caught her by the wrist, "Natasha!  What are you doing?!"  He pleaded.  "Getting us out.  Are you comin?"  And she jumped. 

They all watched her land perfectly onto the building, many feet down.  She motioned for them to come along, and then hid behind a piece of machinery as not to be seen from other windows in the castle base. 

Daredevil jumped too.  And the two embraced.  Spiderman swung down, and Sue floated down with her energy pads.  They regrouped, and figured where their next place was to go. "We.. have nowhere to go..." Daredevil looked out across the sky.  "Look, I know you miss Elektra.  But we can't give up.  There are people left, I can assure you. Why don't we find them.  X-mansion.  Baxter Building.  Whatever!"  Sue shook her head sadly.  "We were never made... I am the only one 'left'."  Sue bent down and thought things over.  They didn't know what to do.


The Watchmen rearmed themselves and walked the rainy city.  Silk Spectre whispered to Dr. Manhattan, little things that they couldn't make out.  Comedian turned around and yelled at them "Okay lovers!  It is time to get these punks!  Don't be annoying!"  and he turned around again.  Spectre glared at his back and they continued to walk the dark city. 

They couldn't have gotten far.  Everyone looking for them knew that.  This apocalyptic future past was not a friendly one.  The team of four heroes traveled through the city, getting lost and going a different way.  And then finding another city and going back.  They were exhausted.  "Well, guys how about this!  X-mansion has to be open!  Professor X, the greatest of us, can't have died!  And he wouldn't have not been here, because he was so powerful!  He would have done the Xmen anyway!  We will probably fix this!" Spiderman randomly and, after long stretches of silence, slowly piped up.  Black Widow turned around and stretched out her hands.  "No, that would be impossible anyway.  They would know this was wrong.  And they would freak out, and possibly try to kill us.  Do you remember what Wanda said?!  Don't find anyone.  Just do what you were supposed to do, kill Venom.  We aren't meant to cross paths with these guys."  Sue Storm bowed her head... Thinking... What if we were meant to?!

And they were.  Traveling past the city, through the fields and into Westchester County of New York.  And they found it.  Broken down, ruined and destroyed X-mansion.  Xaviers School For Gifted Youngsters was no more.  Black Widow strode over, and examined the destruction.  "It is fresh... Not more than 6 or 7 years old... In fact, I would guess no more than 4... This is fresh, and not a lot of it has decomposed... It will just stay here for a while."  Spiderman rolled his eyes.  "What does this mean??"  Natasha spun around.  "It means we have a chance."  And with that, she ran inside to the mansion.  A concerned Sue ran with her, and Daredevil and Spiderman followed.

Arriving inside, they found calamity and chaos.  Everything was knocked over.  Walls were smashed through.  Rooms were sunken.  Natashas face fell.  Maybe they wouldn't be so lucky after all.  "Dang, we need Psylocke right now!"  Natasha smashed something with her fists.  Sue walked over to her.  "It will be alright..." But Natasha dramatically shook her head.  "No, it won't!  We don't have anyone to figure out what to do next..."

"Oh, yes you do my friend.  Yes you do."  The four spun around to see the visitor.

Banshee stood there, with Crystal and X-23... And Booster Gold and The Atom.  Looks like times have brought the DC allies and Marvel allies together.  Spiderman walked forward.  "You guys are alive?!"  X-23 looked at him, confused.  "Yes, we have been survivors for a while.  It is interesting to see you here... It was told you were all dead."  She said, slowly.  Natasha walked over to her.  "No, we have been here... waiting for our time."  She said this and looked at her group and their group.  "We need to find a way to find our helpers.  We have some friends that could destroy this threat."  Widow paced the area.  Booster Gold came up and spoke this time.  "Friends, we have been plagued by the Watchmen and Apocalpyse and many others for years and years now.  We have tried any possible way to find help, but none such has been given.  Even the help of Crystals superpowered friends has not been given."  Daredevil put up his finger.  "We know of one place.  Here.  Take us to the lab of the Xmen."  X-23 nodded and showed them the way.

"We have tried to fix the grand Xmen chambers many times.  But every time we attempt it, we get foiled by evil.  Every single time.  They love this place, and they smash up more and more and fiercer each time.  We try about once every two months at this rate.  But now you guys are here, we may have a lot more time this round."  Spiderman nodded, and he and Booster Gold, The Atom, Daredevil, and Banshee went to go guard.  The women stayed to fix it and defend if need be.  "Now, I kow this computer very well.  It can give us access to anyone still alive.  But once again, we are attacked every time.  I can fix it partially, but Natasha... Do you know how to help?"  Widow nodded her head, and she examined the famous Cerebro computer.  "Yes, I will be able to help.  Let's do this."  And the two worked until they got calls on their communicators.  "Just as we expected, trouble."

General Zod was chatting up Doomsday, Darkseid and Apocalpyse when they arrived.  "Being part of the administration with Magneto and Polaris, I shouldn't exactly be sent doing this silly work.  Especially with losers like you people.  But whatever, it seems like a good job this time.  Killing all these people finally will be great.  And these new ones."  The other villains just kept going, not even realizing the arrogant killer had just insulted them.  They kept going.  And found the heroes and attacked them.

Booster called in Shazam, and he flew up and smashed the ground, slamming Doomsday into the ground and shocking the others.  Daredevil jumped at this opportunity and slammed Apocalypse with his clubs. 

Booster Gold fell first.  He was slammed repeatedly by General Zod, and slammed into Banshee.  Spiderman flew up in the air and attempted to rip off the robotic emplacements, but he was simply blasted off by Apocalypse. 

With dead Boosters body, Zod swatted away Shazam and Daredevil, slamming them into Peter Parker.  The three were jumbled for a minute, and Atom realized he was alone, because Banshee had vanished.  He smashed and smashed the villains, but he was knocked down too and crushed to death by Zod. 

Spiderman, Daredevil, and Shazam were alone now.  They got ready to battle against the odds, when Banshee arrived and blew all of the villains off their feet.  "Get ready guys."  And he pointed to Crystal.  Crystal took the earth and pushed it towards the four villains, and sent fire waves towards them too.  Doomsday got the brunt of the attack, and the last thing he saw was Crystal riding the air, and sending a rock down onto him. 

Doomsday taken care of, the other three villains knew the super Crystal was no one to mess with.  She had great power.  And they fled.  Crystal shouted curses as they left.  Normally calm, her win was not taken lightly.  She walked over to the others and blessed the dead Booster and Atom.  And they went back into the mansion.

Entering into the room of Cerebro, they found X-23 on the computer.  It was fixed!  Black Widow looked quite proud of herself.  X-23, discovering all these people, had light upon her face.  She had finally done it.  They would survive this.  Putting down the helmet, she exclaimed to the others "Great news!  There are plenty still alive, just not here.  A lot of them are for hire, they don't have any business just fighting villains to fight them.  But... The problem is, I don't know where to find them.  That is one of the features that I cannot use, or it has been broken.  If only we had Emma Frost or... Or Professor X..."  She sat down and thought for a minute.  "Well, no!  That won't matter.  Now that we have found these new fighters, I'm sure we can make a case to Black Bolt and the other Inhuman delegates... We can figure this out, they would know how to get a hold of them.  She motioned for them all to come along."  And then they heard pounding on the base.

"Black Bolt... Please, I am with our team... I did not mean to just run off.... I knew something amazing would happen today, and it has!  Look, we found the thought to be dead people!  They are here, Spiderman and Black Widow and Daredevil and Invisible Woman!"  Crystal pleaded to Black Bolt.  He sighed, creating a shock wave to everyones ears.  They all stepped back and Crystal glared at him.  He smiled and put his hands out, and everyones vision went black.

Somewhere Else;

Waking up, they are on the moon.  At the base of the Inhumans.  Spiderman gets up and sees Black Bolt on his throne.  Peter himself and his allies are all on a comfortable, oversized couch.  He looks around and sees Crystal and other superhumans. 

"Hello, gracious Black Bolt.  We are here to..-"  Spiderman saw Black Widow get up like a bolt and strike a conversation, but saw her hushed by four bodyguards.  "Now is not the time to speak to Black Bolt."  She just shoves her way through, though, and speaks anyway.  "We need to find other heroes around here, so we can save our planet.  We have messed up, and this is not the times we are supposed to be in.  We have to make everything right."   She completes this statement with firmness.  Crystal walks over and puts her hand out.  "Yes.  I agree with them.  I have some sort of feeling they are right."  Black Bolt ponders this, and somehow achieves in bringing Lilandra to his side.  She sees the women and speaks for Black Bolt.  "Yes, Black Bolt agrees with you.  He says he spoke to Uatu and deems this quest wise..."  She motions for the rest of everyone to come over.  Spiderman, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, X-23, Banshee and Shazam joined the group.  Black Bolts eyes fell over all of them.  They stood as cleanly as possible.  He nodded to Medusa, and she told them to follow.

"The best advice I can possibly give you is that the Doom Patrol and Teen Titans are still quite at large, particularly in California.  The New York branch was destroyed much time ago, and the Doom Patrol has protected them since.  They are losing their touch though, and their villains have at least doubled.  I would search them out.  My best information I can give you is right here.  She strolled down the corridor and typed in a keycode into the door panel.  She held the door open for them, and the seven enter with her.  She walks over to a large computer monitor and sets it down.  "This has the location of every hero we have in our database.  Of course, we only could document this because most of them are for hire.  Most of them have documented themselves to us, the higher power.  I cannot guarantee they will join you in this fight, but they will at least think it over.  Many heroes have fallen.  The ones left will find it difficult to give up their way of life now, but they will deem it honorable.  I would take the chance."  The group nodded slowly and looked over the records.  Medusa watched them.  "Remember.  The Doom Patrol, Teen Titans, and all of these people.  I will give you that for your journey.  I am afraid I can not do much more than that.  I must leave now.  Take advantage of that."  And with that she left them to themselves.

"Well, I've found records of the dead... Aqualad and Starfire of the Teen Titans died about a year ago.  Wow... Cyclops and Wolverine died about 3 years ago with the X-Mansion attacks.  Emma Frost fled and Jean Grey was kidnapped... Some other ones fled too, which is good.  They are elsewhere now.  Let's see... Good, Mystique was killed in action at some point.  And Silver Surfer was hunted down by Baron Mordo and Quicksilver... Baron Mordo was taken down, and then Quicksilver took down Silver Surfer... It sounds like all of our friends were just hunted down and outnumbered, taken down one by one... This is terrible."  By now, Sue was just talking to herself.  Everyone was trying to keep up with her.  So much death... They were alone.  And hopefully they could find their friends still alive...

Somewhere in Time;

So the team of Spiderman, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, X-23, and Banshee travel back to Earth.  Shazam stays, paranoid about wanting to guard the base: the only fall-back option they have.  Which is fine with the team, he can stay.  So they arrive onto the harbors of New York and figure out where they should split off.  "Well, we have California people... Plenty of them.  Doom Patrol, Teen Titans, Dazzler, and Mockingbird.  Lets have Sue, X-23, and Banshee and Spiderman go to California."  Widow told the group.  "Daredevil, go to New Jersey and find us Gambit and Punisher.  I will go to New York and find the rest, Domino, Moon Knight, and Silver Sable. 

Traveling for at least 5 hours was not the idea of fun for X-23.  But she realized they might meet the Doom Patrol much sooner than expected.  Daredevil and Widow ended up coming with them, simply because she did not trust that they could do everything correctly.

Slamming against their train doors was not any ordinary bumpy ride.  X-23 jumped up in her seat, startled.  She stared out the window.  Nothing was there.  But the train had stopped.  Sue slumped down in her seat, and was frightened.  Banshee closed their door in their booth, and Peter Parker looked out their booth window to see if anyone was being attacked.  Sue looked through the train window with X-23, and turned around to Banshee and Spiderman... "Guys, someone is boarding the train.  We need to go find out who this is... It seems by force." 

As they went to go, the train rattled quite a lot more. 

And someone was by their door.

Mammoth and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man had boarded the train.  They smashed the door right as Sue threw up a force field.  X-23 screamed, and Banshee shouted HELP, which also sent an energy blast right for the two villains.  AVMM fell back, but Mammoth was not pushed at all.  He smashed his fists at the shield, scaring Sue and pushing her focus away.  She shouted at Peter to do something, so he sent web shots at them which did nothing.  Finally, X-23 got her claws ready and headbutted right into Mammoth and stabbed him, barely effecting his hard skin.  He took her by the face and slammed her into Sue.  Her shield fell, and Banshee and Spiderman were soon attacked by AVMM, who sent rocks out of his hands and sent vines to wrap the two heroes up, which would have worked... If a big woman hadn't taken the top off of the train.  Sue looked up to find Elasti-girl attempting to pick up Mammoth and AVMM, and she helped by telekinetically bubbling them, and sending them up.  Elasti-girl laughed, and took them both and threw them as far as she could.  Mento arrived too, reparing damage with his mental powers while Negative Man tended to the wounded.

"You guys are the Doom Patrol!!  We were attempting to find you, actually.  We need help... Big help."  Mento just put his hand up.  "Trust me, my mental superiority has seen you alive and well.  We met up with you, only to find Mammoth and AVMM had gotten there first."  Elasti-girl nodded, "Yes, so we helped out and now we are here.  And let me tell you, lucky for you we had.  We intercepted some other villains attempting to find you too.  We barely made it ourselves.  This is a broken world, and we need all the help we can get.  The Teen Titans recently lost Starfire and Aqualad..."  Mento watched her talk, and added "Well, not too recently.  But recently in their hearts, and ours as well.  We have hit some bumps.  We are ever so grateful you have shown up.  Just when we really needed you."  And he motioned to Negative Man, who took their hands one by one and transported them to Titans Tower.

Arriving at the Tower in California, Banshee couldn't help but exclaim "That was quick."  Everyone laughed, and he smiled.  Such chaos had pulled them apart and pushed them together.  It was nice to laugh. 

And Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Bumbleebee and Speedy came to greet them.  Except Robin wasn't right.  He walked over and put his hands on their shoulders, greeting them.  And then he took Banshee by the throat and walked him over to the wall, as the Doom Patrol and the rest of everyone closed in.  "Hey, my loyalties have changed.  Jinx paid a visit, and I think she is right.  I think the Teen Titans are dying.  We will be next, guys!!"  Raven glared at him, retorting "Starfires death has permanately changed you, I see.  That is a shame." 

And Robin fought hardly; Banshee slammed his fist into Robin, who flipped off the wall and kicked Cyborg in the face, who caught his leg and slammed him down and pinned him.  "Stop!  This will be okay Robin."  He finally stopped, and Black Widow shot him with a tranquilizer shot.  "What a dumb kid."  Cyborg huffed, and shouted at Natasha "He is just hurt from all that has happened!  We could have talked it out, you didn't need to interfere!"  Natasha just brushed him off and walked away, and no one followed her except for Bumblebee, because she didn't like when Cyborg yelled.  Robin wasn't seen for the rest of the visit.  He was done.

"We can definitely help you.  Doom Patrol and us will be good allies to you guys.  And Speedy would be too, if he hadn't left with Robin.  I don't know where they went, but they have been good pals who really are nomads... Their time with the Titans is up, I suppose.  It is just the three of us now.  But anyway, we have a request for you guys.  We need help with our own demons.  And we know you have come here to fight and find allies, so we hope you are able to do that."  Bumblebee finished.

"Yes, we can."  Spiderman said as he looked at his team.

"So the stories ARE true... Superheroes have arrived."  Bumblebee almost fell out of her chair, and Elasti-girl and Mento were right by the door when it opened.  Madame Rouge and Red-X were there, with Jinx.  Elasti-girl punched Madame Rouge, who slapped her and took her and slammed her onto the table.  Red-X pushed past them and threw detonating X bombs everywhere.  Mento looked to the window and sent all of them outside, and they blow up right as they smashed through the window.  Everyone took cover, and then they heard more destruction.  The Tower was being attacked.

"Nevermind kids, these are the ones we want killed.  We don't need to find them"  Mento yelled as Red-X jumped and kicked him in the face.  Banshee turned back, shocked at this brutalness.  X-23 tapped him on the shoulder and pointed for him to attack the army that had just arrived with Brother Blood.

X-23 brandished her claws, and attacked Madame Rouge.  "Ah, we have a little girl to play with Elasti-girl.  Let's kill her first..."  She toyed.  Elasti-girl frowned and attacked her some more.

Brother Blood jumped down from his flight-disk and strolled through the Titans Tower in hell.  "Ah such a nice place.  Too bad it shall die with these heroes."  And he struck Raven in the chest with his energized hands, and she spazzed and fell to the ground.  "Silly girl."  And just as he was about to attack Cyborg, his ears almost died.  Banshee flew about the Titans Tower and screamed as loud as he could, destroying the army of robots and hurting everyone, until Cyborg used his helmet and Black Widow put earplugs, and Sue put a mental shield and Raven put a dark mental shield, and everyone else did the same of sorts.  The villains were completely taken by surprise.  Until Blood shot down Banshee.

X-23 went into rage mode.  She jumped at him and kicked him with her clawed feet, and stabbed him in the side with her claws.  She took his coat and ripped it off, revealing an armored Brother Blood.  He laughed maniacly and slammed her across the room.  Sue sent energy blasts to him, but they simply blasted into his mind shield.  She sent a wave of disruptive energy to him, which also he blocked.  Madame Rouge was taken down, though, and Elasti-girl threw her off the broken huge window for good measure.  Mento sent mental trauma into Red-X, which ended up frying his mind. 

Ravens dark tendrils had captured Brother Blood, but only for long.  Bumblebee zapped him a few times, raging him... And he flexed all of his muscles and destroyed the dark energy, also destroying Raven in the process... Raven was fried, and he took her body and sent more energy into it, eventually overloading it!  He sent it into Bumblebee, who blew up with Raven.  Cyborg screamed "NO!" And he ran over to the two dead bodies.  Sue couldn't help but cry, and ran over with him.  Their new friends were dead.  Mento and Elasti-girl growled, and they attacked him.  So did X-23.  And Spiderman.  And Black Widow.  Brother Blood was taken down.  At great cost.

Cleaning up Titans Tower, X-23 and Black Widow and Spiderman and Daredevil and Invisible Woman and Cyborg decided allying would be a good idea.  And the three Doom Patrol said their goodbyes, giving the team of five communicators with them so that they could call the Doom Patrol if needed.  They left.

"Okay, well now that we have cleared that up... At least we have Cyborg.  Anyway, Daredevil and I are sure it is time now that we get our other things done, so we are going to go back to New York and New Jersey... We will get our jobs done.  We will meet back somewhere."

With that, Black Widow and Daredevil went to find Moon Knight, Silver Sable, Punisher, Domino and Gambit.  Invisible Woman, Spiderman, X-23 and Cyborg proceeded to find Mockingbird and Dazzler.  Of course, Cyborg left them halfway on, called by Robin and Speedy.  They would end up needing him, potentially, more than Spiderman and the others would need him...

The lights flashed brightly.  The music blurred everyones vision as they dance around.  And something was so infectious about her music.  Dazzlers music was so infectious and intriuging.  But it didn't affect Sue, Peter and X-23.  They strolled right in and shot of a few blasts of disruptive energy.  People kept dancing around though, and the lights flared out.  Dazzler looked right at them, and sang right to them and winked, wagging her finger. 

And after about three minutes, they started dancing too.  Until their vision went black.

Waking up, X-23 saw Sue and Peter on the ground.  But of course they blended in with everyone else, since the whole team was in their civilian clothes.  They weren't swarmed by confused and excited people.  In fact, where was everyone.  They were in a cold, dark room.  X-23 opened a door, and found the party still going on.  Except just a bit less.  Dazzler was leaning against a wall, watching everyone dance to stereo music.  She slammed the door and walked over.  "Hey, glad we found you...-"  But Dazzler looked at her, and simply said "Look, I am not part of this fighting thing.  You won't be getting me into your little gang to go fight evil."  And with that, she left.  X-23 watched her, feeling like a failure.  So this was what Crystal meant... Times had changed.  In fact, there was never the "times" when courage was loved by all.  They had never happened.  So she just let it go and went to wake up Sue and Peter.  They got up and she told them everything.  And she heard screaming in the club.

Lady Mastermind, Polaris and Quicksilver were there.  They had found their prey.  Sue found Polaris and felt obliged to fight her herself.  There was tension there.  X-23 took Lady Mastermind, and Spiderman fought Quicksilver.  Sue made quick work of Polaris, letting evil overtake her.  She blasted Polaris' mind, and took her body and subjected energized pain to her.  She pushed Polaris down some stairs, leading to an underground room.  It turned out to just be filled with drinks, and Sue took advantage of this.  She overloaded the drinks with disruptive energy and pushed it out towards everywhere.  Polaris felt it, and Sue waved bye and closed the door.  Polaris sent a green ball of bursting energy towards her, just hitting the door and destroying it.  But before Polaris could get out of the room, the drink storages burst, smashing Polaris in the alcohol.  She was finished.  And Quicksilver soon was too, jumped on by Spiderman and webbed in the vital areas.  He pushed Quicksilver down and had captured him.  And X-23 slashed right through Lady Mastermind, who could not disorient her enough to make her insane.  X-23 thought about these illusions, but firmly told herself they were not real.  And then she came back to herself and saw Lady Mastermind casting some sort of disruptive spell to blind her.  But X-23 just stabbed through her.  By this time, most of the crowd had left.  Only the injured were left...

And Dazzler.

"You kids fight well.  Look, I won't join you but I can help you out with whatever you need." She said.  Sue thanked her and replied "Well, we really need to find Mockingbird... We need to hire her."  Dazzler slowly thought, and finally said "Yes, I know where she is.  I will set forth some light beams to show you.  I've sung so much tonight, I can probably make a sun in the sky!  Got all this energy!  Hopefully I won't hit her base with the beams.  Anyway, I'll go up on the roof and show you where."

They saw the energy beams shooting more towards the inner city of San Francisco.  And they found her.  The Birds Worm, a killer shop they expected.  Entering, they found a strangely lit up base of sorts.  Mockingbird was there, and she held up her hand.  "Hey, got a problem here.  Not right now."  But X-23 walked forward.  "You know who we are.  We need you."  Mockingbird looked slowly over at her.  "Yes, yes I do.  But I need to figure out who this guy was that attacked my place.  If you go back outside and go to the left side, you will see he crashed right through.  Well actually, I think it is a she..."  Sue went to take a look... This was Omega Sentinel.

Sentinel got up after about five minutes, and said she was sent by General Zod, who was murdered by Shazam, who was then killed by the Watchmen.  Magneto sent Omega Sentinel to attack any of the heroes that she could find, but Sentinel could judge who to attack by herself.  And she was shot down by Crystal, who knew that Omega was a strong foe.  But little did Crystal know, Omega was coming to warn the heroes.  "And I crashed down into your base Mockingbird.  Apologies."  Mockingbird brushed it off.  "Okay, looks like me and Sentinel will join you guys."  And the team was pleased.

Eastern Warriors;

Arriving in the East Coast, Black Widow and Daredevil split up to find their targets. Well, not targets. Potential allies... But for Natasha specifically, this was just like finding a target to eliminate. She had to weigh the factors. She had to weigh the potential success. And more than that. She had to examine the other potential parties looking for her target... And this was where it got tricky. Silver Sable and Domino, specifically, were toss-ups. Moon Knight wouldn't join the other side. He would not. Natasha decided on Silver Sable first, who owned Silver Sable International. She was an assassin for hire. An assassin with flashy weapons and flashy attitude. But thankfully the company was still there. Natasha entered without a single word and went up the stairs. The associate at the door ran after her, calling out "Hey! Do you have an appointment?" Natasha stopped, looked down and said "Yes, I sure do." And kept going.

"Silver Sable. You know who this is. And we need you." Silver Sable responded to this intense entrance with her blaster, shooting off a few rounds of white shots. Natasha strafed each blast and arrived by Sables desk. "Hey, not here to fight. I am on your side. I need you to join us. We are making an army to fight this evil." Sable put on a smile, and said "Sorry about that, I am used to less-than-friendly people coming in here to offer me a job. Anyway, of course. I have been waiting for this." And they shook hands. Easy.

Meanwhile, Daredevil had luck with Gambit, who was ready to give up his life of crime and work for the good side, or what he called the good side. And, on a less happier note, the Inhuman base on the Moon is attacked... Without any of the heroes on earth knowing.

Crystal leans against the wall, hopelessly attempting to communicate with some of the heroes. But they are so far away... And she knows she can do something better to help them. She will call in the bigger guns, now that Black Bolt is dead. In fact, she knows she needs to get out soon. Though Dormammu had already fallen, so had Black Bolt and Medusa... Crystals forces were being outperformed. She would have to leave soon to warn the resistance. But first, she knew what she had to do.

Multiple Man attacked, but nothing Black Widow, Silver Sable and Moon Knight couldn't handle. Going to find Domino, they were ambushed. But once they found her, she was being ambushed too. By some DC people. Strange...

"Join us. We need your help." Green Arrow, Nightwing and Black Canary were speaking quietly to Domino. She was barely listening though.

"How about not? She is in our side." Black Widow sneered. The three DC heroes spun around, and immediately talked alliances. Natasha looked over at her allies. "Yes, we have an agreement. But no alliance yet."

And Domino was on their side. So the DC heroes left with a rain check to talk with the Marvel heroes. And Daredevil came with a tired Punisher and Gambit. Matthew walked over to Natasha just to whisper "Punisher was a bit of a trouble. He has gotten a lot of **** from these villains. But we convinced him this was the right deal to accept." Natasha looked into his eyes. "Thats great. We are ready for this."

The Fight of their Lives-

Arriving at the new base, Spiderman, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, X-23, and the new recruits found the base full of people. Emma Frost and Iron Man immediately come to greet them. "Oh, we are so happy to see you all here! That is really an amazing thing." Emma Frost could barely get the words out. Tony Stark shook their hands, adding "Yes. Crystal has, thankfully, given us this army. We could not have ever gotten all of them, and it is great that we have you guys too. Did you hear, though? The Inhuman base was attacked. So, even though we have all of these people, these are all we have." He said, lowering his voice.

So the leaders ended up being Emma Frost, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Spiderman.  Emma congratulated the team for arriving and for bringing so many allies for them.  And Crystal got up and spoke too.  "Well, everyone.  I have a bit of a surprise.  As you all know, I brought in Rogue and Petra to help us today.  They will, no doubt, be a great asset.  But also, I have called some otherworldly help.  You may know them.  Please welcome Cable and Hope Summers."  The two walked inside and were greeted with applause.  "I have realized we will need all the help we can get.  And they will be of big help."  Crystal finished.

Meanwhile, Hellion was checking out Domino.  And she could tell.  She glared at him a few times but he wouldn't quit.  He would be trouble later.  And Petra had the same problem.  Gambit would not stop looking over at her.  Petra turned her head slowly over to him as Crystal was talking.  Remy pretended he was just looking around. 

The Night Before;

Petra was walking to her bedroom with Rogue when Gambit came out of nowhere.  Of course, he had a bit of an affair with Rogue in another future.  But Rogue didn't know him now, and if they fix time Rogue wouldn't know he liked Petra.  So Gambit put his hand under Petras chin, who blushed a bit.  Rogue squinted at what was happening, and walked past them to her own room.  Petra put her hand on his chest.  "So glad you would finally join us..."  She said and smiled.  Remy winked and hugged her.  "It feels nice to see you again.  Last time, your meanie friends were trying to get me into their team.  And now you guys need me.  Tables have turned, huh."  Petra got away from his grasp.  "Whatever, dude.  That isn't how you make a girl like you."  And she walked to her room.  Gambit watched her walk away.  Strange...

Black Widow and Daredevil had some affairs to attend to that night.  Long, pent-up affairs.  Things they had to get out.  Noone really paid attention, they were sleeping for the night, awaiting the long day tomorrow.  The moonlight shined on Natasha as she hung around with Matthew.  The good wind blew through her hair, as the window was wide open.  But they didn't care.  They just caught up after all these years.  They needed this. 

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