Thoracks the Dark is the leader of the Kumarr, the evil version of the Ra'ul. During the Imperial Era, he led the Dark Empire as their Emperor. He is probably the most Feared Kumarr in the Universe and is the sole Master of the Kumarr. He is the Master of the notorious "Hunter", Mal El Sin. He has Psychic abilities that surpass all other beings in the Universe.

Villain Information

  • Tactician
    Class - Tactician


  • The Dark Emperor - Thoracks often summon Imperial Guards and Soldiers.
  • Psychosis Shield - Absorbs ALL incoming Damage. (2 Rounds)
  • Relentless
  • Psychic Training - Immune to Psychic Attacks.

New Debuffs


  • Takes Damage Each Round.
  • 1st Stack applies Hobbled.
  • 2nd Stack applies Winded, Neutralized, Impaired, and Off-Balance.
  • 3rd Stack applies Exposed, Slowed, Weakened, and Dizzy.
  • 4th Stack applies Incapitation and Stare of the Abyss.


Counter/Follow Up

  • Negi-Blade Slash. Type - Negative Energy Slashing Melee. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Negatived. Special Abilities - High Crits, Ignore Defense.

Other Moves

  • Psy-Beam. Type - Ranged Psychic. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Migraine, Doom. Special Abilities - Quick Action, Ignore Shields. Cool Down - 2 Rounds.
  • Negi-Blade Toss. Type - Negative Energy Slashing Ranged. Target - All Enemies. Debuff - Demise. Special Abilities - Exploits Delirium, Deadly Crits.
  • Psychotic. Type - Psychic. Target - All Enemies. Debuff - Disoriented, Cower, Mind Control. Special Abilities - Stealthy.

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