This is the much intisapated Spec Ops of my Career! 

Note* - No Epic Boss, you just complete all the deploys

Special Operations - Mend the Rift!

Mission 1 - Nacht der Untoten

Goons - Zombie goons/Truelegden (scrapper and Inflitrator)


Mini-Boss 1 - Hellhound/Truelegden. Team Up - Takeo Masaki/Truelegden.

Mini-Boss 2 - Zombie Monkey/Truelegden. Team Up - Dr. Edward Richtofen/Truelegden.

Boss - Brutus/Truelgden. Team Up - Tank Dempsey/Truelegden.


Mission 2 - Moon

Goons - Zombie goons/Truelegden (all), Crawler/Truelegden


Mini-Boss 1 - Brutus/Truelgden. Team Up - Nikoli Benilski/Truelegden.

Mini-Boss 2 - Sunset Shimmer . Team Up - Takeo Masaki/Truelegden.

Boss - Cosmonaut/Truelegden. Team Up - Dr. Edward Richtofen/Truelegden


Mission 3 - Origins

Goons - Zombie goons/Truelegden(All)


Mini-Boss 1 - Zombie Monkey/Truelegden. Team Up - Tank Dempsey/Truelegden.

Mini-Boss 2 - Hellhound/Truelegden. Team Up - Nikoli Benilski/Truelegden.

Mini-Boss 3 - Brutus/Truelgden. Team Up - Takeo Masaki/Truelegden.

Mini-Boss 4 - Cosmonaut/Truelegden. Team Up - Tank Dempsey/Truelegden.

Boss - Panzer Soldat/Truelegden. Team Up - Dr. Edward Richtofen/Truelegden.


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