Born to Jedi refugees on Kashyyyk, Galen Merek witnessed his father's murder at the hands of Darth Vader before being taken in under the dark lord's wing. Galen later broke free of his master's control, and helped inspire the Rebel Alliance. 




135 command points


Sith Training: - Immune to Fear & Cower

Class bonuses:

Shii-Cho/Generalist: Force Insight: - 30% chance to dodge ranged attacks. 

Makashi/Tactician: Truestrike - 100% chance to hit

Soresu/Infiltrator: Blast deflection - 50% chance to re-direct ranged energy attacks back at an enemy

Ataru/Scrapper: Force Speed - Bypasses protect effects

Niman/Blaster: Force Heal - restores health over time and removes one debuff per turn

Djem So/Bruiser: Force concentration - attacks against this target increase accuracy & attack by 5%


Level One (Shi-Cho/Generalist): Lightsaber Slash

-Single-target energy melee slashing

-Ignore defense

-Bypass shields

Level One (Makashi/Tactician): Lightsaber thrust

-Single-target energy melee

-Ignore defense

-Combat awareness (All allies)

Level One (Soresu/Infiltrator): Saber toss

-Area attack energy ranged

-Ignore defense

-nimble (self)

Level One (Ataru/Scrapper): Lightsaber Leap


-Single-Target energy melee

-Ignore defense


Level One (Niman/Blaster): Force Push

-Single enemy kinetic ranged summon

-etereal strike



Level One (Djem So/Bruiser): Lightsaber Charge

-Area attack melee slashing energy

-Ignore defense

-cower (all enemies)

Level Two: Change class (Multi-action)

Level Six (Shii-Cho/Generalist): Impale

-Single-target summon melee

-Fatal blow

Level Six (Makashi/Tactician): Force Choke

-Quick Action

-Choking (Enemy. 2 rounds) - loses health every round. Removed by using a buff action 


Level Six (Soresu/Infiltrator): Mind trick

-Single-target debuff

-mind control 

Level Six (Ataru/Scrapper): Force Toss




Level Six (Niman/Blaster): Force Lightning

-Area attack energy


-Ethereal strike


-static charge

Level Six (Djem So/Bruiser): Force Fury

-Quick action

-Burst of speed - takes two actions this round

Level Nine (Shii-Cho/Generalist): Force wave

-Area attack kinetic


Level Nine (Makashi/Tactician): Salute

-En Garde!

-Pre-empetively attacks enemies with Lightsaber thrust

Level Nine (Soresu/Infiltrator): Defensive pose

-Force guardian - protects all allies from single- and area-attacks

-Training - 100% to deflect ranged energy attacks

Level Nine (Ataru/Scrapper): Power choke

-Area attack subtle

-Full-round action

-Choking (Enemies)

-Exhausted (Enemies)

Level Nine (Niman/Blaster): Force wave

-Area attack


Level Nine (Djem So/Bruiser): Power swing

-Single-Target energy melee


-Fatal Blow

-Ignore Defense

-Bypass shields



Far far away

Jedi Knight

Master and Apprentice (With Darth Vader)

Red in the ledger

Rebel Alliance

Sith Lord

You have my Sword

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