Space op

Hero: Ice Bird/TWG

Gear Set: Inter-Galactic Set

Mission 1: Deep Freeze

Mission Briefing: The area surrounding our base has frozen over. We would blame Elsa, but there's one problem. It's not actually ice. The scientific team is on its way, but there may be more to this than just a freak blizzard.

Mini-Bosses: Piggy Guard/TWG X3

Boss: King Pig/TWG

Team-Up: Red/TWG

Deploys: Bomb/TWG, Terrence/TWG, Elsa/TWG, 2 any

Epic Boss: Ice Bird/TWG

Team-up: Red/TWG

Mission 2: Absolute Zero

Mission Briefing: Until we know for sure whether he's good or bad, we are holding the Ice Bird at Gru's Lab. Unfortunately, some of the Maverick's have taken control of Zero, and are seiging the place. Defend the lab at all costs.

Mini-Bosses: Zero/russgamemaster, Armored Armadillo/russgamemaster

MB TUs: 1 - Pluto/russgamemaster, Saturn/russgamemaster

Boss: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz/TWG

Team-Up: Gru/Lionking20

Deploys: Katniss Everdeen/TWG, Superman/PowerlessPaul, 1 tactician, 1 gen, 1 any

Mission 3: The End of Time

Mission Briefing: While busy with the Lab, terrible things have occurred. For starters, The Angry Birds are gone, Trigon's forces rain down upon us, and Time itself is reverting. This seems like the end, but not if we can help it.

Minibosses: Megatron/PowerlessPaul, Trigon/Truelegden

MIni-Boss 1 TU: Ice Bird/TWG

MiniBoss 2 Teamup: Superman/PowerlessPaul

Boss: The Master/TWG

Team-Up: Doctor Who/TWG

Mission 4: The Guardians of the Galaxy

Mission Briefing: Now we know why the Birds left. They didn't. They were kidnapped. They have been exposed to Gamma Rays and are now Super-Powered. Fortunately, they are very strong-willed. Using their new gained powers, they are ready to finish the threat once and for all. The Other Guardians of the Galaxy have risen.

Mini-bosses: The Master/TWG, Trigon/Truelegden, Megatron/PowerlessPaul, Armored Armadillo/russgamemaster, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz/TWG

Boss: King Pig/TWG

Team-Ups: Red(Master), Bomb(Megatron), Terrence(Trigon), Chuck(Armadillo), Blues(Doof) Ice Bird(King Pig)

  • NOTE: Teamups are ABS uniforms
  • NOTE: Other Hero besides Agent in Boss fight must be one of the ABS. Does not need Outfit



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