As first appeared on the now deleted M:AA Fanfic Wiki 2, July 8, 2014

To combat the Serpent & The Worthy, Odin allowed Tony Stark Access to Asguardian weapons and magic. These weapons enhanced the hero's powers to a new level. 



  • Immune to fear, cower, burning and chilled. 

Uru Armour: 

  • Resistant to magic attacks
  • Immune to magic debuffs
  • Immune to bleeding

Mighty insight:

  • Chance to pre-emetively attack an enemy who attacks an ally
  • If two Mighty are present, 100% chance to pre-empetively attack an enemy


Level One: Repulsor blast

  • Single-target energy ranged
  • Laser burn
  • Blinded (20%)

Level Two: Rocket barrage

  • Area of effect
  • Bleeding
  • Burning
  • Follow-up (10%)

Level Six: Mighty Shield

  • Shield buff
  • All allies
  • Removes one debuff from every ally
  • 50% chance to gain an extra turn

Level Nine: Unibeam

  • Single target enemy energy kinetic ranged 
  • Grants unibeam focus
    • One stack grants True Strike
    • Two stacks grant Ignore defense
    • Three stacks grant Brutal Strike & Fatal Blow

Team-up bonuses:





The Mighty

Newly Assembled

Tin Men

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