The Flash

Class: Scrapper

Health: 2/5

Attack: 3/5

Defense: 2/5

Accuracy: 3/5

Evasion: 4/5

Team-Up Bonuses:

  • Speedsters
  • Justice League


  • Speed Force
    • Taking two actions a round
    • Takes the first turn whenever possible
    • Deals extra damage when teamed up with  other speedsters
  • Legacy of Speed
    • Chance to precounter enemy attacks
    • Attacks countered in this way are Interrupted


  • Lightning Quick (Unarmed Melee) - Single target, 5 hits.
    • From All Sides
      • Applies Wide-Open
      • Applies Combo Setup to targets with Wide-Open
      • Applies Flanked to targets with Combo Setup
  • Sound of Speed (Unarmed Sonic Melee) - Single target, 1 hit.
    • Exploits Combos
    • Sonic Boom
      • Applies Disoriented to target
      • Applies Dizzy to all enemies
  • Back in a Flash (Unarmed Melee) - All enemies, 3 hits.
    • Nimble
    • Pummeled
    • Rising Up
  • Fastest Man Alive (Unarmed Melee) - Single target, 1 hit.
    • Exploits Combos
    • Finest Hour!
    • Fastest Man Alive
      • Taking two actions after this round

Flashpoint Alt (Scrapper/Infiltrator) Adds Source of Unity

  • Allies cannot damage each other and have a chance to gain an extra turn.

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