Required heroes: Vinyl Scratch/russgamemaster and Green Ranger (Tommy)/russgamemaster

Enemies: The Dazzlings/russgamemaster

Story: The Dazzlings want another battle of the bands. Their movie was actually pretty good, but pony Vinyl has plans of her own...

Special condition: Vinyl is playing the Power Rangers theme. Any ally's attacks may explode, causing extra damage and Burning. And defeated enemies explode which also damages and burns their teammates.

Battle strategy: Just have Vinyl target the Blaster before the Tactician. Use Bring Down The House to potentially apply Off-Balance on the Infiltrator, which Tommy will target first. Don't worry about Tommy's attacks being blocked because Vinyl is immune to psychic attacks and effects.

Empowered Iso-8: Power Rangers Theme Iso-8 (Vinyl or any Power Ranger) - outside of this Heroic Battle, you get the effects of Vinyl playing the Power Rangers theme.

Before battle

Tommy: It's morphin time!

Vinyl: I've got the perfect song for a battle of the bands. It's the Power Rangers theme song. When it plays, the Power Rangers kick the bad guy's flank and he explodes.

After battle

Tommy: Power Rangers, victory is ours!

Vinyl: Eeyup. Their show does this all the time.

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