• Generalist, Default
  • Tactician
  • Scrapper
  • Infiltrator
  • Bruiser
  • Blaster
Bio: Only character, if you can call it that, in the Russian puzzle game Tetris. Tetris Pieces were inanimate objects before The Pulse. When the Iso-8 meteor landed in the middle of the game, the Tetris pieces came to life. To protect their game, the Tetriminos now fight alongside SHIELD.

Character Info

Name: Tetriminos

Class: Class-Changer(Default Generalist)

Gen: All 3/5

Blaster: Att 4/5, Def 2/5, Rest 3/5

Bruiser: Def 4/5, Evas 2/5, rest 3/5

Scrapper: Acc 4/5, hp 2/5, rest 3/5

Infiltrator: Evas 4/5, stam 2/5, rest 3/5

Tactician: hp 4/5, stam 2/5, rest 3/5

Passive 1: Korobeiniki - All Attacks have Finest Hour!

Passive 2: Tetriminos - Immune to Generalized and Disadvantage


1. Mino Rain - AoE - Ranged, Melee(8 hits)

  • For Tactician, This move is Single Target, but also deals Disadvantage and Shield Breaker.
  • For Scrapper, This Move is Single Target, But gains Guaranteed hit and Stealthy.

Abilities: Exploit Flying

Debuffs: Pummeled

2. Mino Swap

  • Change Class and Shape, Multi-Function

3. Frenzy Mode - Self - Buff(QA, 4 rd cd)

Buffs: Frenzy

  • Frenzy - Increases Damage(20%) and Turns(1 per rd) each round, but takes increased(20%) damage each round. Ends in 3 rounds.

Tetris!!! - Team - Buff, Heal

Buffs: Oshtur's Boon, Rising Up

Cascade - AoE - Ranged, Melee(12 hits)

Abilities: Brutal Strike, Classy

  • Classy: Has a different ability depending on Class(e.g. Blaster=Deadly Crits)
Debuffs: Exploit Clumsyness(Off-Balance, Staggered, Fumbling, Pummeled)

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