Bio: Terence is the big brother bird and Red's older brother. He is the seventh bird to be used.Terence has not spoken a word since his childhood, when he witnessed the cruelty of the pigs. He is deeply haunted by his past and cant't shake the violent memories of his youth. That's why he lives in self-imposed isolation, totally removed from the rest of The Flock. Terence is currently trying search for his lost childhood and only Red understands it.

Character Info

Name: Terrence

Outfit: Classic Terrence

Class: Bruiser

Stats: HP - 4/5 , Stamina - 2/5, Attack - 3/5, Defense - 5/5, Accuracy - 2/5, Evasion - 1/5

Passive Abilities: Immovable Object - Protect all melee attacks, Cannot Dodge, Takes reduced damage from melee attacks


L1: Crush - Single target - Melee, Unarmed,

Abilities: Catastrophic, Exploit Opportunity

L2: Stare - AoE(no damage) - Debuff

Abilities: Stealthy (2 round CD)

Debuff: Cornered, Intimidated

L6: Rock Solid - self, buff (3 round CD)

Buffs: Fortifed, Rock Solid

  • Rock Solid(lasts 1 round) - Deals minor damage and exhausted to melee attackers.

L9: Earthquake! - AoE - Ground

Abilities: Catastrophic(3 round CD)

Debuffs: Off-Balance, Stun(60%), Cower, slowed

Space Terrence

ABS Terrence

New Passive!: Tough Guy - Increases Defense everytime hit. Chance to counter enemy attacks with Cower.

ABS Passive: Block! - High chance to take 80% less damage from an attack once per round.

If 2 ABS uniforms are in play, triggers Flock Power!, which is Future Countdown

Class: Bruiser/Infiltrator

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