Who is this?

James Harolds III is a genius who at the age of 5 reverse-engineered alien tech. He later joined the U.S. Military and built his Armor. He lead a team known as the Afghan Fighters and fought many Threats over the years till one day, Techno Patriot's allies and friends, Black Ops and Davy Jones were seemingly K.I.A.
He then retired from the military and Lived in New York till a new version of Nazis were formed. They were more powerful than their 1940's counterparts and were more advanced then the world at this time. Techno Patriot then decided to fight against these Nazis and became Techno Patriot, a symbol of Freedom and Hero to all.

Important Information

  • Class - Tactician
  • Cost - 90 Cp


  • Patriotism - All Allies gain Strengthened, Agile, Focused, and Fortified each round.
  • Rapid Shielding Program - Will make small shields for allies at random.


  1. Energy Shield. Target - One Enemy. Type - Energy Melee. Debuff  - Impaired, Slowed. Special Abilities - Deadly Crits.
  2. Beat down. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee. Debuff - Dizzy, Staggered, Weakened. Special Abilities - Guaranteed Hit.
  3. Patriot Act. Target - Self. Type - Buff. Buff - Bodyguard, Small Shield. Cool Down - 3 Rounds.
  4. Energy Beam. Target - One Enemy. Type - Ranged Energy. Debuff - Melt Armor. Special Abilities - Finest Hour, Paragon Exploiter.

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