Young Tank Dempsey Origins BOII

Class - Scrapper/Bruiser

Uniform - Classic

Cost - Complete all tasks in The Zombies Spec Ops or 200 CP


  • Zombie Marine - Has the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Scrapper and Bruiser.
  • Bold and Brash - High Chance to take reduced damage and deal increased damage.

New Buff​s

  • Juggernog - Defence is increased by 50%. Healing Abilities will restore more health.


  1. Colt M16A1. Target - One Enemy. Type - Ranged Gun. Debuff - Dizzy, Exposed. Special Abilities - True Strike, High Crits.
  2. Perk-a-cola. Target - Self. Type - Buff. Buff - Juggernog. Special Abilities - Allied Perks.
  3. Wave Gun. Target - All Enemies. Type - Magic Ranged Gun. Debuff - Burning, Incapitation, Radiation Exposure. Special Abilities - Paragon Exploiter, Brutal Strike.
  4. Staff of Fire. Target - One Enemy. Type - Ranged Magic Fire. Debuff - Pyrophoric. Special Abilities - Exploit Attrition, Paragon Exploiter, Deadly Crits, Brutal Strike. Cool down - 2 Rounds.

Counter/Follow-Up Attack​

Knife!. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee Slashing. Debuff - Ravaged, Bleeding, Tenderized. Special Abilities - High Crits.

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