As originally posted by Leojsaad the 01/05/2014

Hi, welcome to my new fanwork, featuring a Support Agent that would replace your Agent, and have fix passives and abilities.
Agent-Male 1

Default Support Agent

Class: Generalist

Base Stats:








L1 Ability - Brawl (Melee Unarmed) - [1] / Two Hits / No Cooldown

One Enemy

L2 Ability - Spirit-76  (Ranged Gun) - [2] / Four Hits / No Cooldown

Special Properties

One Enemy

L6 Ability - Tonfas (n/a) - n/a / n/a / n/a

Special Properties

L6A - Tactical Tonfa (Melee) - [3] / One Hit / No Cooldown

One Enemy


  •  Tonfa Counter-Attack
    • ​Chance to counter single-target attacks with the Tactical Tonfa

L6B - Pyro-Tonfa (Melee Fire) - [4] / One Hit / No Cooldown

Special Properties

One Enemy

L6C - Cryo-Tonfa (Melee Ice) - [5] / One Hit / No Cooldown

Special Properties

One Enemy


L6D - Golden Tonfa (Melee) - [7] / One Hit / 3 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties

L9 Ability - Nano-Nurse (Buff Heal) - [15] / 100% Chance / 4 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties

One Ally

  • [18][19] Nano-Nurse (2 Rounds)
    • Restores a large amount of health every turn
    • Removes debuffs and prevent new applications

Well, that's it for this fanwork, so please post feedback on the comments. Thank you so much for reading!

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