Bat vs. super

I love Heroic Battles, and what's a cooler battle than Superman vs. Batman?


In the Wake of the new War on Crime, Justice can fall short and Hereos fight each other. Batman has attacked Superman and has shut down Metropolis. Has Batman gone crazy?

Hero Required - Superman/Truelegden


Batman/Truelegden has 2 turns per round and usually goes first. 

Batman has a new passive called Anti-Superman Suit - Takes 50% less damage from Melee Attacks.


You'll need Superman at least LvL. 9. On Round one use you're LvL. 6. Nimble is essential to winning. Usually Bat man Will do Baterang then I'm Batman. Next round use Freeze Breath. Continue using Freeze Breath till you can use Man of Steel. Batman's attacks won't ko you if you keep nimble on.

There is the melee strategy. Round one is the same as the other Strategy. But the difference is round 2 use Brawl. Then Round 3 use Man of Steel. Just keep doing this till The Bat is out for the count. Bat man usually do the Same as the other Strategy.


Empowered Iso-8 008
Superman = Heroic E-Iso - Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 082 Heroic Deed. Has Super Heroic for the First 2 Rounds of combat.

Empowered Iso-8 024

Batman = Investigative E-Iso - Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 084 Investigative. Attacks against Batman can't be Stealthy. Chance to apply Disadvantage before an enemy attacks.

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