"I couldn't save Krypton, but I'll do my genuine best to save Earth. You can count on me."


Class: Bruiser

Health: 5/5

Stamina: 2/5

Attack: 4/5

Defense: 4/5

Accuracy: 3/5

Evasion: 2/5

Team-Up Bonuses:

  • Far Far Away
  • Aviary
  • Justice League
  • Tossers


  • Flying
  • Kryptonian
    • Chance to take reduced damage from non-energy/magic attacks.
    • Reduced durations for bleeding, poison, burning, and chilled.
    • Chance to gain a random buff (strengthened, fortified, agile, focused) or debuff (weakened, exposed, slowed, dizzy) when affected by radiation.
  • Invulnerable Protector
    • Protects Justice League allies from attacks by an enemy of their counter-class


  1. Super-Strength Punches (Unarmed Melee) - Single target, 3 hits.
    • Combo Setup
    • Wide Open
    • Pressure Points
  2. Up, Up, and Away! (Unarmed Melee) - Single target, 2 hits.
    • Pain
    • Dizzy
    • Distraction
    • Stun (50%)
  3. Man of Steel (Buff) - Self
    1. Man of Steel (1 Round)
      • Absorbs incoming damage for one round
      • Allies gain Strengthened
      • Removes all debuffs from Superman when applied.
  4. Heat Vision (Ranged Energy) - All enemies, one hit.
    • Melt Armor
    • Burning
    • Ethereal Strike
    • Paragon Exploiter

Flashpoint Alt (Bruiser/Blaster)

Adds Panic Mode

  • Chance to Panic after being attacked
  • Increases attack and evasion by 30%
  • Decreases defense and accuracy by 15%

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