This is the Sunspot and Cannonball's heroic battle.

Heroes Required


  • Wave 1
    • 1 Hellfire Elite
    • Mystique
  • Wave 2
    • Selene
    • Sebastion Shaw


The best way to defeat this Heroic Battle is to have both heroes LvL. 9. This battle usally starts with back-to-back hero action. Sunspot usally goes first. The smart thing to do is use Sunspot LvL. 6 and then use his LvL. 1, Blitz Stream to deal great damage on Mystique, who is a Tactician. If she is Still alive after that attack, she will spam Million Bullets. On Cannonball's turn use Kenetic Field. Then the elite will usally try to snipe Cannonball, but Cannonball will not take any damage. Now Mystique will use Kick Combo or Redoubled Efforts. The next wave use Sunspot's lvl 2, Heatwave. Mystique will usally die to DoTs, so she won't be a problem. Then on Cannonball's Turn use Nothing's Impossible. The first Wave is over.

The second wave is MUCH harder. Usally Shaw will go first and deal heavy damage on Sunspot. Next Sunspot will usally go next, so use his lvl. 6 Heating Up then use his 9, Concussive Blast on Shaw. This usally takes him to half health. Next Selene will attack and use Magike on Cannonball. Use Cannonball's lvl 9, Cleared for take off on Shaw. Then use his lvl. 2 Kenetic Field. Next round Shaw will atempt to hit Cannonball but will deal no damage. On Sunspot's turn use his LvL. 9, Dark Solar Blast on Selene so she has Pyroporic. She will then use Skia Thanatou on Sunspot. On Cannonball's next turn use Nothin's Impossible on Shaw or Selene who ever you choose. On Sunspot next attack use his lvl. 2  Heatwave. This will usally end the battle.


Empowered Iso-8 011

Solar Empowered Isotope-8

Appies - Heat Array.

  • Heat Array - Thermo-Boost now also restores health and stamina.

Empowered Iso-8 010

Kenetic'ed Empowered Isotope-8

Appies - Extreme Kenetic Field.

  • Extreme Kenetic Field - Chance to gain Kenetic Field after being attacked by a Kenetic Attack(20%)


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