As first appeared on the M:AA Wikia with the name "Another Attempt at Fan Made Movesets No. 3: Gandalf and Sub-Zero", April 21, 2013


A request from IronspeedKnight. Apologies it took ages. Sorry, no spinal dislodgement here. I don't think Playdom would allow such violence and brutality. This focuses on his special moves. Note - There are lots of similar debuffs thanks to Playdoms imcompetence with naming. Here is one important thing. Freezing means that the character guarantees losing a turn (Like stun). Frozen means that the target cannot dodge. I really tried to focus on a combo mechanic, with the follow-up attacks designed to be like a coup-de-grace type hit.

Price: 135 CP

Bio: Kuai Liang is of the Cryomancers, a race that can maniplulate ice. He and his brother grew up as assassins working for the covert Lin Kuei. While his brother evantually became the mysterious Noob Saibot, Kuai embraced his heritage and became the icy ninja known as Sub-Zero.

Recruitment Quote: I will fight for your honor. 

Class: Scrapper (Obviously)

Health: 3/5

Stamina: 4/5

Attack: 3/5

Defense: 4/5

Accuracy: 4/5

Evasion: 3/5



String Attacks:

  • Attacks follow-up when target is Frozen. Attacks follow-up with Power Slide.
  • Chance to follow-up again. Follows-up with one of three follow-up attacks.
  • Cannot follow up more than twice.

Level 1 - Power Slide - 1 hit Melee Unarmed Single Target

Sub-Zero uses his momentum to trip and knockback the enemy with a powerful slide.

  • Off-Balance
  • Chilled

Level 2 - Ice Freeze - 1 hit Ranged Ice Single Target

Sub-Zero fires a chilling blast that causes the opponent to be frozen solid.

  • Frozen
  • Incapacitation
  • Coldsnap

Level 6 - Ice Puddle - 1 hit Ranged Ice All enemies 2 round cooldown

The target's feet are stuck to the ground by Sub-Zero's ice blast.

  • Wide Open
  • Remove Buffs
  • Ground Attack (In-game its unblockable)

Level 9 - Clone of Ice - Debuff Single Target 2 round cooldown

Sub-Zero generates an identical ice clone, much to the enemy's confusion. Also my favorite move in-game.

  • Ice Clone - Applies Freezing and Frozen if any offensive action is taken
  • Gives Sub-Zero Mirror Images
  • Quick-Action
  • Subtle 

​Sub-Zero's Additional Follow-Up Attacks (Not able to be selected but chance to occur during a follow-up):

Kori Blade - 1 hit Melee Ice Slashing Single Target 

A powerful downward slash is excuted using his icy blade.

  • Frostbound
  • Exploits Chilled

Twin Palms -  1 hit Melee Unarmed Single Target 

Sub-Zero thrusts with two palm strikes.

  • Pressure Points

Frost Bitten -  3 hits Melee Unarmed Single Target 

Sub-Zero performs two quick ice-infused jabs than a dragons mouth strike. 

  • Coldsnap
  • Exploits Stun

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