Mission 1 - Tranzit

Brief - After Rictofen's Grand Scheme, the World have been laid to waste. But new Enemies arise from the ashes.

Mini-Boss 1 - Hellhound/Truelegden. Team Up - Samuel J. Stuhlinger.

Mini-Boss 2 - Brutus/Truelgden. Team Up - Russman.

Mini-Boss 3 - "The Director" George A. Romero/Truelegden. Team Up - Misty.

Boss - Panzer Soldat/Truelegden. Team Up - Marlton Johnson.

Boss Drops - Electronite Shard and random A-Isos.

Deploys - Captain RexFlash, Any Blaster.

Mission 2 - Die Rise

Brief - Rictofen has sent Stu, and the rest of them to China to power the 2nd tower.

Mini-Boss 1 - Cosmonaut/Truelegden. Team Up - Russman.

Mini-Boss 2 - Zombie Monkey/Truelegden. Team Up - Misty.

Boss - The Pentagon Thief/Truelegden. Team Up - Russman.

Boss Drops - Thief's Best Friend and random E-Isos.

Deploys - Takeo MasakiMarlton JohnsonGoGo Tamago

Epic Boss - Brutus/Truelgden 3X. Team Up - Marlton Johnson.

Epic Boss Drops - Agent's Jet Gun and random Gear.

Mission 3 - Buried

Brief - The End Game has Begun!

Mini-Boss 1 - Hellhound/Truelegden. Team Up - Marlton Johnson.

Mini-Boss 2 - Zombie Monkey. Team Up - Samuel J. Stuhlinger.

Mini-Boss 3 - The Pentagon Thief/Truelegden. Team Up - Marlton Johnson.

Boss - Napalm/Truelegden. Team Up - Samuel J. Stuhlinger.

Boss Drops - Mortum.

Deploys - Tank DempseyYoda, and Any Hero.

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