Note: this spec op takes place right after the Infinity comic. Kree enemies are inspired to the dead Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics Kree army.

The New Kree Empire Spec Op logo


After helping the Galactic Council and the Avengers against the Builders, thus saving the entire Universe from their annihilation plans, Ronan returned to his world, but the war is not ended for him... he decided to accuse the Kree's Supreme Intelligence, the fusion of the Kree's greatest minds, of cowardice and betrayal for having surrended to the Builders themselves. We should not take part in this, Agent... but we owe Ronan a favor. And he will sure need some help.

Reward for Spec Op completion: Ronan the Accuser

Gear: Special Operations - The New Kree Empire/Gear

Group Boss: Kree's Supreme Intelligence

Whenever an important Kree dies, be it a scientist, a general or a politician, his mind becomes part of the Supreme Intelligence, a weird huge green sentient head kept in a strange sort of water bowl. It's the ruler among the Kree, but this has not stopped Ronan from rebelling at him.

Reward: Galactic Lockboxes (1 Lockbox after damaging the Group Boss for 5% of his health; 10 Lockboxes after defeating him)

Mission list

  • Mission 1: New Allies
  • Mission 2: That One's not Kree
  • Mission 3: Guilty or Innocent? (epic)


Mission 1: New Allies

Our trip on Hala, home planet of the Kree, starts with the Supreme Intelligence's army coming to... welcome us with their weapons. Luckily, Ronan's Accusers are with us.

Mission 2: That One's not Kree

Looks like another member of the Galactic Council decided to bring his people again to the great conquers. After being elected new Skrull Emperor, Kl'rt is sure changed a lot.

Mission 3: Guilty or Innocent? (epic)

The Supreme Intelligence is running off plans: now it is time to land the final assault. But let's not drop off guard: thousands of minds are usually better than one.

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