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This holds all the gear associated with Special Operations - The Brave and the Strong.

Mission Gear

The Niffle-Flame

Type - Magic Ranged Fire.

Target - All Enemies.

Damage Potential - Medium Low

Debuffs - Dispear(15%), Soulfire, Weak Point.

Special Abilities - Deathly Magic(Applies Fatal Blow to Self), Deadly Crits, Quick Action.

Cool Down - 1 Round.

Sulfurous Blaze Cannon

Type - Magic.


Sulfur Dust

Type - Debuff.

Target - All Enemies.

Debuff - Sulfur Dust(Takes 150% more damage from Fire and Explosive Attacks. Chance to explode)

Cannon Blast

Type - Ranged Fire Magic.

Target - All Enemies.

Damage Potential - High.

Special Abilities - High Crits, Exploit Sulfur(Removes Sulfur Dust to deal extra damage), Ignore Defense.

Blade of the Accursed

Type - Slashing Magic Melee.

Target - One Enemy. 

Debuff - Weak Point, Chaos Shot, Fatal Blow.

Special Abilties - High Crits, Brutal Strike, Exploit Attrition.

Buff - The Occult(Magic Attacks deal extra damage(All Allies))

Gear Set

Balder's Blade

Type - Magic Slashing Melee.

Target - One Enemy.

Damage Potential - Medium High

Debuff - Blinded.

Special Abilities - Finest Hour.

Buff - Rising Up. (Epiphany-2nd Piece Needed)

Dusk of the Elf

Type - Debuff Magic.

Target - All Enemies.

Debuff - Dispear, Pressure Points, (Breakdown-2nd Piece Needed)

Special Abilities - Quick Action.

Cool Down - 2 Rounds.

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