This Special Operations has 5 recruitable heroes either by the normal task list or by a Covert Task List Specific to this Spec Ops. Enjoy!

Mission 1 - Know my Enemy

Brief - 5 Heroes are missing and Doomsday has knowledge of the missing.

Mini-Boss 1 - Magnet Man/russgamemaster. Team Up - Olaf/Jacky 50A

Mini-Boss 2 - Mind-Controlled Elsa. Team Up - Olaf/TWG

Boss - Doomsday/PowerlessPaul. Team Up - Olaf/Jacky 50A

Boss Drops - The Doomagedon  and Barbarism Augmented Isotope-8

Deploys - Michael BayJack Bauer, Any,  1 Dual Class.

Restricted Heroes - ElsaWonder Woman/TrueGokuKit FistoCaptain Jack Harkness, and Wreck-It Ralph.

Mission 2 - Split Paths

~Note - Has strike teams.

Strike Team Alpha - ElsaOlaf/TWG, Wonder Woman/True, and Shazam/True.

Brief - The Pyro has gone crazy and has attacked the base in Arrendle.

Mini-Boss 1 - Discord. Team Up - Olaf/TWG.

Mini-Boss 2 - Solomon Grundy/True. Team Up - Shazam/True.

Boss - Pyro/Lord. Team Up - Elsa.

Boss Drops - Pyromatic Flamethrower  and Pulpy Augmented Isotope-8

No Specific Deploys

Strike Team Beta - Olaf/Jacky 50ALuke SkywalkerKit Fisto, and Han Solo

Brief - Olaf(Jacks) believes that the rest might be in the Himalayas, but find that there is more than what they expected.

Mini-Boss 1 - Jango Fett. Team Up - Kit Fisto.

Mini-Boss 2 - Megatron. Team Up - Olaf/Jacky 50A.

Boss - Darth Vader. Team Up - Luke Skywalker.

Boss Drops - The Power of Dark  and Vengeful Empowered Isotope-8

No Specific Deploys

Restricted Heroes - Pyro/LordRemiem, Wreck-It RalphCaptain Jack Harkness, and Goku.

Mission 3 - Next-gen Trouble

~Note Has strike teams

Strike Team Alpha - ElsaWreck-It Ralph, and Olaf/TWG

Brief - Wreck-It Ralph has been found, and he needs our help.

Mini-Boss 1 - Captain Cold. Team Up - Olaf/TWG.

Mini-Boss 2 - Ultimate Flying Cybugs. Team Up - Wreck-It Ralph.

Boss - Mind Controlled Medic. Team Up - Elsa.

Boss Drops - The Medic' Med-Gun  and Inspiring Empowered Isotope-8.

No Specific Deploys

Strike Team Beta - Olaf/Jacky 50AKit Fisto, and Han Solo.

Brief - The East coast is crawling with Badies and they might have Captain Jack Harkness.

Mini-Boss 1 - Brother Blood. Team Up - Olaf/Jacky 50A.

Mini-Boss 2 - Joker/True. Team Up - Han Solo.

Boss - Demon Sunset Shimmer. Team Up - Kit Fisto.

Boss Drops - Demon's Spike and Suppressing Augmented Isotope-8.

No Specific Deploys

Strike Team Gamma - Wonder Woman/TrueShazam/True, and Catwoman.

Brief -  Wonder Woman's team is under fire in Metropolis.

Mini-Boss 1 - Killer Croc. Team Up - Catwoman.

Mini-Boss 2 - Prince Hans. Team Up - Wonder Woman/True.

Boss - Mind Controlled Superman/True.

Boss Drops - Kryptonite Spear and Vorpal Augmented Isotope-8.

No Specific Deploys

Strike Team Delta - Luke SkywalkerObi-Wan Kenobi, and Goku.

Brief - In the Galaxy far away Trouble is on the Way.

Mini-Boss 1 - Darth Vader. Team Up - Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Mini-Boss 2 - Cosmonaut. Team Up - Goku.

Boss - Megatron. Team Up - Luke Skywalker.

Boss Drops - Cybro-Hand and Relentless Empowered Isotope-8.

No Specific Deploys

Restricted Heroes - Captain Jack HarknessBatman/True, and Superman/True.

Mission 4 - What Lies Ahead

~Is just like Chapter 12 Mission 2

Brief - Captain Jack Harkness has been freed from Demon Sunshine Summer's clutches and we know are finding out who was Controlling Superman, Elsa, and The Medic.

Mini-Boss 1 - Discord. Team Up - Captain Jack Harkness.

Mini-Boss 2 - Megatron. Team Up - Kit Fisto.

Mini-Boss 3 - Doomsday. Team Up - Goku.

Mini-Boss 4 - Lex Luthur. Team Up - Wonder Woman/True.

Mini-Boss 5 - Mind Controlled Sergeant Calhoun. Team Up - Wreck-It Ralph.

Boss - The Master. Team Up - Captain Jack Harkness

Boss Drops - T.A.R.D.I.S. Key and Alienated Empowered Isotope-8 .

Deploys - R2-D2Olaf/TWG, and Animal Man

Epic Boss - Trigon. Team Up - Goku.

Epic Boss Drops - Old Republic LightbladeBarbarism Augmented Isotope-8 and Alienated Empowered Isotope-8.

Restricted Heroes - Sergeant Calhoun.

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