Dota2 vs LoL


We should have known it: Heroes from DOTA2's universe and Champions from League of Legends' universe should NEVER be in the same world. They're rivals since their respective universes are born. But now it is too late to prevent it: six chosen warriors from both sides have started a war for supremacy... and someone other is involved, too. Agent, choose a side and fight if you want, but be sure the population is safe. Other than this, let's take some popcorns and enjoy the show.

Enemies: Street Thugs, Escapees (mixed)

Reward for Spec Op completion: Ostarion the Wraith King/LordRemiem

Weapon Details: Special Operations - DOTA2 vs League of Legends/Gear

Mission list

  • DOTA 2 side
    • Mission 1: Steampunk'd
    • Mission 2: Artificial Life
    • Mission 3: Deep into the Myth (epic)
  • League of Legends side
    • Mission 1: Shivers of Fear
    • Mission 2: Fate Foretold
    • Mission 3: In the Presence of the King (epic)

Missions (DOTA 2 side)

Our first enemies are... a metal golem and a drunk pirate? The Lich's gonna show Gangplank that ice can be used not only to refresh drinks... but to kill too

The beautiful series goes on: a mechanical dragon, or whatever is, has shown his face. The Phantom Assassin will defeat... erm, scrap Galio without even him noticing.

Things get serious: Pantheon is ready to break every face he'll meet in his highway to victory. Facing a Greek Hero would require another Greek guy... but since we do not have Apollo, let's send the Drow Ranger.

EPIC: Ok, serious trouble here. Olaf and Cho'Gath are angry, and sure not because they haven't found park for their car. Unfortunately, the only one of us that can whitstand them both together is the Wraith King.

Missions (League of Legends side)

Seasons are mad: it was hot a few hours ago and now it's deadly cold. Or maybe because the Lich has showed up. Gangplank's already willing to bring the sun again.

Talking about cold... the Universe's most frigid woman is on the field, along with a... weird guy we never seen it, not even in our funniest dreams. Galio's ready to melt them.

But is everyone cold here? We saw some sort of... chilling bolt sneaking aroud here, shooting arrows everywhere: we bet it's the Drow Ranger. Send Pantheon to remind her what is the place for womens like her: THE KITCHEN!

EPIC: Oh no, the Royal Couple is here. All of us learnt it is NEVER a good thing when the Wraith King and the Queen of Pain make couple on the battlefield. Send Cho'Gath to make them... divorce. By killing them.

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