Here's my first Spec Ops.

Special Operations - Azarath's Child

Pre-view: Chaos is stirring and we have no clue why. Does this have to do with Raven's Disappearance?

Mission 1 - Terra-fied

Mission 1

Pre-view: Terra is attacking Titan Tower and we don't know why. Agent Go find out.

Team Ups - Nightwing/Truelegden, Cyborg/Truelegden, Beast Boy/Truelegden


Other Info

Deploys - Shazam, 1 Scrapper, Starfire, Anyone.

Mission 2 - Blood of Gotham

Mission 2

Pre-view: Brother Blood is threating the East Coast that he'll blow up them up if Raven doesn't fight him. And Joker is using this Chaos to wreck anarchy.

Team Ups - Nightwing/Truelegden, Batman/Truelegden, Starfire/Truelegden, Raven/Truelegden


Other Info

Deploys - Superman, Beast Boy, 1 Inflitrator, 1 Bruiser.

Mission 3 - Hells here


Pre-view - Trigon has been summoned. Raven is finally here to help, but is she enough to stop Trigon the Terrible?

Team Ups - Cyborg/Truelegden, Starfire/Truelegden, Raven/Truelegden


  • Mini-Boss 1 - Terra and Mammoth. Team Up - Cyborg.
  • Mini-Boss 2 - Deathstroke. Team Up - Starfire.
  • Mini-Boss 3 - Brother Blood. Team Up - Raven.
  • Boss - Trigon. Team Up - Raven.

Other Info

Deploys - Batman, Nightwing, Anyone, Anyone, 1 Blaster.

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