Special Operations: Rise of Titans

Briefing:  Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg, has been dealing with malware attacks specifically designed to seperate his consciousness from his cybernetic upgrades. He has a suspicion as to who might be responsible. Also, old Justice Leage enemies are starting to become restless. Get in there and help Cyborg out.

Unlockable Hero: Cyborg

Gear Set: The Cyborg Set

Mission One: Flying in the Night

Briefing: Nightwing and Cyborg have been investigating recent crimes in the area. For some reason, dentist tools and floral supplies are being stolen by the busload. Only one psychopath could possibly go after stuff like that.
Battles: x2 Low, x3 Medium, x2 High
Deploys: Batman, Blaster, Any
Mini-Boss: Deathstroke
Team-Up: Nightwing
Boss: The Joker
Team-Up: Cyborg

Mission Two: The League Steps In

Briefing: Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern have noticed an upswing in armed robberies, muders, and arson in downtown Gotham. Go in and help investigate.
Battles: x4 Low, x1 Medium, x4 High
Deploys: Nightwing, Tactician, Superman
Mini-Boss: The Joker
Team-Up: Batman
Mini-Boss: Deathstroke
Team-Up: Green Lantern
Boss: Hacked Cyborg (Gains "Mindless" passive)
Team-Up: Superman

Mission Three: Gridlocked

Briefing: The malware has been purged from Cyborg's systems and is manifesting as an entity called Grid. It has taken over the majority of cybernetic heroes and villains, excluding Cyborg. Get in there and stop it.
Battles: x4 Medium, x4 High
Deploys: Green Lantern, Bruiser, Any
Boss: Deathstroke, The Joker, Grid (Deathstroke leaves before  attacking because "he's not a madman, just a mercenary")
Team-Up: Cyborg

Grid - Generalist


  • Downloading Analysis
    • Changes to a counterclass before attacking/being attacked


  • Cybergun (Gun Ranged) - All allies, 2 hits.
    • Chaos Shot
    • Paragon Exploiter
  • Invade (Debuff) - One ally
    • Obsolete Tech
    • Stealthy
  • Analytical Blow (Tech Melee) - Single target, 1 hit.
    • Pressure Points
    • Exploit Attrition
    • Disadvantage

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