Special Operations are limited time challenges where players can earn unique Boss items through battle and even a new hero by completing specified objectives. Once the time for the mission has expired, the hero is put back in the vault. Special Operations can be accessed from the Flight Deck or the Mission screen.

While normal Missions require 10 energy to access battles, Spec Ops also require Unstable Iso-8 to do the events. It costs Unstable Iso-8 for battles and for Deploy missions. It can be obtained through Gifts from friends, dropped in battles or deploys, or purchased from the  store. However, once the mission is expired that flavor of Unstable Iso-8 goes away with it.

Special Operations - Azarath's Child/Truelegden

Special Operation: Nolanverse

Special Operations: Rise of Titans

Spec Ops - Attack on Teen Titan

Special Operations - Impossible Feats/Truelegden

Special Operations - Mann vs Machine

Special Operations - DOTA2 vs League of Legends

The Zombies Spec Ops/Truelegden

Disco-rd Spec Ops/russgamemaster

Super Mario RPG Spec Ops

Canterlot High Spec Ops

Special Operations - Spider-Verse/OmniWill

Special Operations - The New Kree Empire

Special Operations - When One is not Enough

Spec Ops - A Rare Purple Armor

Special Operations - Under the Red Hood

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