Reward Quake

The Avengers Age of Ultron 66295


Brief: Ultron is making his move and is causing a major cyberattack. With no piece of technology trustable we need to find a way to capture Ultron for good





Mission 1 Wrecked Island

3293162-jack 3

Brief: The wrecking crew are causing a break out at Rikers Island with some back up and new teched up gear

 Enemies Escaped prisoners

 Location Rikers Island

   Mini bosses            Mini bosses                             Mini bosses

Titania+Piledriver     Absorbing man+Wrecker            Thunderball+bulldozer

      Team up                Team up                                            Team up

         Quake                 Quake                                               Quake


    Boss: Jack o lantern

              Team up




 Mission 2  Hydra under siege

Klaw colors for hasbro by sorahsuhng-d5703lt1

Brief: Hydra Island is under attack by Hacked servo guards and sentinels. We don't want to risk hydra thinking we are on Ultron's side especially with their new recruits

Enemies sentinels, Servo guards, Hydra soldiers

Location Hydra Island

Mini boss Winter soldier              Mini boss Arnim zola             Mini boss Viper

      Team up                                             Team up                          Team up 

    Falcon                                                   Beast                                Mocking bird


 Boss: Klaw

         Team up

     Black Panther

 Epic Boss: Crossbones (Character deploys Storm, Magik, Hank Pym) Total 448 Cp

      Team up



      Mission 3 A brand new world


 Brief: Ultron has shown himself and is causing a massacre at the Empire state building. This is our only chance at stopping him before he wipes out humanity

Enemies hacked sentinels, Power armors, servo guards

Location Empire state building

             Mini boss                                  Mini boss                         Mini boss

      Hacked iron man       Hacked Iron Patriot/war machine   Hacked rescue

                 Team up                                        Team up                           Team up

                    Quake                                              Red hulk                            Vision


                 Boss: Ultron

                         Team up

                    Victor Mancha

 In mission 3 Tony stark, Pepper pots and James "Rhody" Rhodes are trapped in there suits when hacked by Ultron and can't be used in that mission 

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