Reward Hero: Samus/TWG

Iso color: red

Weapon set: robotic set

Missions: 3

Group boss: yes

Lockbox: no

Tasks: 36(11 optional)

Eb: 1

Heroic battles: 3(does not require ui8 this op)

Synopsis: We have a Code:Red. All our robotics and computer systems have gone haywire. We have twentysix reported casulties and multiple outbreaks. Not only that, but it appears that robots, including our own, are wreaking havoc in the streets. There are only 2 possible reasons i can think of: either Y2K got back from vacation, or the inevitable Age of Ultron is upon us.

Mission 1: Something Beautiful

Mission 2: End of the Path

Mission 3: No Strings on Me

NOTE: i am having to do this on my phone. I am being as basic as possible here and will be posting in small, sometimes VERY small, increments. If anyone wants to add links/pics, you can. Tks for understanding.

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