Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming - Super Mario RPG-Battle theme30:00

Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming - Super Mario RPG-Battle theme


Head - Blaster

Body - Bruiser


Mechanical Body


Regenerative body - Smithy's head and body count as separate units. After the body's life bar is depleted, it will be stunned for three rounds and then heal fully. Immune to Brutal Strikes.

Transforming Head - At the start of each round, Smithy transforms his head. Destroying the head also destroys the body for good.

Attacks and Head Passives

Hammering Blow

  • Melee Vibranium
  • 2 hits
  • One Enemy
  • (enemy) Bleeding - takes damage each turn and when attacking.
  • (enemy) Pain Train - causes Pain. Applies Exposed to targets with Pain. Applies Wide-Open to targets with Exposed.

Finger Guns

  • Ranged Gun
  • One Enemy
  • (enemy) Lock-On - taking extra damage from ranged attacks.
  • (enemy) Dizzy - accuracy reduced by 25%.
  • (enemy) Slowed - evasion reduced by 25%.

Thunder weakness - vulnerable to Electric attacks

Army of One

  • Ranged Gun Explosive
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Splash Damage - this causes Burning on all enemies.
  • (enemy) Weakened - attack reduced by 25%.
  • (enemy) Exposed - defense reduced by 25%.

Squishy Wizard - resistant to Magic attacks, but vulnerable to Melee attacks

Deep Deep Snow

  • Ranged Ice Magic
  • All Enemies
  • (special) Catastrophic - always hits and cannot be protected against
  • (enemy) Chilled - takes Ice damage each turn. Evasion reduced.


  • Ranged Electric Magic
  • One Enemy
  • (enemy) Static Charge - nearby electric attacks may chain to this target, causing extra damage.

Flammable - vulnerable to Fire and Energy Attacks

Grab Bag

  • Ranged
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Grab Bag - by throwing random objects, causes random debuffs.

Titanium Armor - halves all non-psychic damage, but cannot dodge attacks.

Ice weakness - vulnerable to Ice attacks


  • Debuff
  • All Enemies
  • (special) Subtle - does not trigger most status effects.
  • (enemy) Remove Buffs


  • Heal
  • One Ally
  • (special) Subtle - does not trigger most status effects.

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