Bio: Smaug is one of the last remaining dragons of Middle-Earth. While his fiery breath and enormous size are formidable weapons, his greatest weapon is his cunning. He has an exceptional sense of smell. He guards his treasure in the Lonely Mountain, and uses it as a bed. Long before the events of The Hobbit, when Thorin Oakenshield was still young, Smaug attacked the dwarf inhabitants of the Lonely Mountain and took it for his own, sending the dwarves into exile.


Name: Smaug

Class: Bruiser

Passive 1: I am... Death - All Attacks have Fatal Blow.

Passive 2: Flying

Passive 3: Great Cunning - Chance to place Disadvantage on attackers after the attack.


1. Fire Breath - AoE - Fire, Ranged

Debuffs: Fire Starter

  • Burning > Melt Armor > Pyrophoric

2. Ravaging Swoop - AoE - Melee, Slashing

Debuffs: Open Wound

  • Bleeding > Ravaged > Bleeding = Internal Bleeding

3. Intimidating Laugh - AoE - Debuff(no damage)

Debuffs: Intimidated, Weakened Resolve

Special Abilities: Subtle

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