Enchantress Portrait Art
  • "Simulator Challenge - Green With Envy" now available.
  • Hero Required: Enchantress
  • Enchantress set contains 6 challenges
  • Reward for completing all challenges is Weakness E-Iso, Jealously E-Iso and 5 Gold.


Weakness E-Iso adds Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 081 You Are so Weak ,Honey!
Empowered Iso-8 037
- Every time when Enchantress take a free turn all enemies gain
1 stack of Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 081 Weakened Resolve
Empowered Iso-8 040
Jealously E-Iso adds Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 092 Spread Love and Jealousy

- Apply debuff on all enemies based on their gender

- Females gain Effect BG 2 RedEffect Icon 127 Jealous - Greatly reduce chance to hit and crit Enchantress
- Males gain  Effect BG 2 RedEffect Icon 081 In the Grips of Love - 15% Chance to protect Enchantress  from single target attacks
-Will protect even Psychic attacks
  • 5 Gold


  • Challenge 1: "Love against Frost Giants"


  1. Enemy: Ice-Shaper x3 Bruisericon
  2. Strategy: This is the easiest battle, so you can complete it in any way.
    1. Reward: 1,000 Silver; 100XP to agent
  • Challenge 2: "Love against the Sword"


    1. Enemy: Sif Bruisericon RimefrostScrappericon
    2. Strategy:  Lv2,Lv6,Lv1,L1 -> Lv1,Lv1,Lv9; Defeat both at once. Lv2+Lv1 to Rimefrost, Lv6+Lv1 to Sif then Lv9
    3. Reward: 5,000 Silver; 200XP to agent
  • Challenge 3: "Love against the Thunder"


  1. Enemy: Thor Bruisericon
  2. Strategy:  Thor must stay charmed. In this battle he has bigger chance to get stunned.
  3. Reward: 7,500 Silver; 250XP to agent
  • Challenge 4: "Love against the Chaos"


  1. Enemy: Loki Tacticianicon
  2. Strategy:  Loki can't be affected by Charming. Defeat him with Lv1 and Lv9
  3. Reward: 10,00 Silver; 300XP to agent
  • Challenge 5: "Love against the Axe"


  1. Enemy: Executioner Scrappericon
  2. Strategy:  In this battle Executioner is immune to damage over time effects, but lose 10% of full health when affected with Charming or Smitten.
  3. Reward: 15,00 Silver; 500XP to agent
  • Challenge 6: "Love against the Mirror"


  1. Enemy: Enchantress Infiltratoricon
  2. Strategy: ... you know what to knows no limits....beat yourself!
  3. Reward: 50,00 Silver; 1000XP to agent and Level Up Enchantress immediately

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