The wait is ogre! You can now play as everypony's favorite ogre in this amazing fighter!

Class: Bruiser

Gains Enraged when attacking or attacked by Scrappers, increasing all stats up to two times. Vulnerable to Blasters.


Protect - protects allies from single-target attacks

Ogre hide - takes less damage from damage over time effects.


L1 - Ogre combo

5 hits

Unarmed Melee

One Enemy

(special) High Crits - high chance to crit

(special) Exploits Combos - does extra damage to enemies with Combo Setup

(enemy) Combo Setup - takes extra damage from the next unarmed attack

(enemy) Cornered - cannot protect allies

(self) Agile - evasion increased by 25%

L2 - Boulder Toss


One Enemy

1 round cooldown

(special) Deadly Crits - does extra damage on critical hits

(enemy) Hobbled - attacks cannot be Stealthy

(enemy) Winded - cannot perform follow-up attacks

(enemy) Impaired - attacks do 20% less damage and cannot crit

(self) Focused - accuracy increased by 25%

L6 - ROAR!

Sonic Ranged

All Enemies

3 round cooldown

(special) Catastrophic - always hits and cannot be protected against

(enemy) Intimidated - reduced attack, accuracy, and evasion

(enemy) Broken Will - reduced damage on next attack.

(enemy) Cower - attacks have a chance to fail.

(self) Fortified - defense increased by 25%

L9 - Ground Pound


All Enemies

2 round cooldown

(special) Ground Attack - ignores most protect and avoidance effects.

(enemy) Off-Balance - cannot counter attacks.

(enemy) Staggered - cannot dodge attacks.

(enemy) Collapsing Infrastructure - takes damage each turn. Stacks increased when hit by Ground attacks. Cannot be removed. Stacks up to 5 times.

(self) Strengthened - attack increased by 25%

Team-Up Bonuses


Big Mouths

Dreamworks - Dreamworks heroes

It's not easy being green

Seismic Shuffle


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