As originally posted by Leojsaad the 5/04/2014

Hello! In this fanwork, I'll put my idea for a She-Hulk revamp. Let's go!


[hide]#New Passive

  1. Moves' Alterations
    1. L1 Ability - Punch
    2. L2 Ability - Burst of Speed
    3. L6 Ability - Motion Granite
    4. L9 Ability - Stomp

New Passive

  •  Impenetrable Skin
    • ​Chance to take reduced damage from all attacks
    • Immune to Bleeding and Chilled

Moves' Alterations

Note: Targets hit, number of hits, cooldown, hit & crit chance, among other specifical properties, remain the same.

L1 Ability - Punch

Special Properties

One Enemy

L2 Ability - Burst of Speed

Special Properties


L6 Ability - Motion Granite

Special Properties

One Enemy

L9 Ability - Stomp

Special Properties

One Enemy

Well, that's it! Thanks for reading!

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