Class - Blaster

Uniform = Injustice

Cost - 33 CP


  • Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 022 SHAZAM - 50% chance to gain Strengthened and Focused before attacking. 50% chance to gain Agile and Fortified before being attacked.
  • Flying - Immune to Ground Attacks


  1. Strength of Hercules. Target - One Enemy. Type- Unarmed Melee. Debuff - Wide Open, Cerberus Bite. Special Abilities - Follow Up Attack, High Crits.
  2. Speed of Mercury. Target - Self. Type - Buff. Buff - Burst of Speed. Special Abilities - Quick Action.
  3. Power of Zeus. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged Magic Electric. Debuff - Wound of Cerynitis, Static Charge. Special Abilities - Charged Attack, Deadly Crits.
  4. Stamina of Atlas. Target - All Allies. Type - Buff. Buff - Energize, Epiphany.

Team Up Bonuses

  • Arcane Arts
  • Avairy
  • Copycats? - Superman and Shazam. Shazam and Superman
  • Justice League - New 52 Founders of the Justice League. BatmanShazamSupermanWonder WomanCyborgAqua Man
  • Streagth of Hercules - Hercules and Shazam. Shazam and Hercules

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