As originally posted the 18/01/2014

Welcome to another "session" of my fanwork creations! Today, Shang-Chi (heres a link to a page about him in the Marvel Comics Database).

Modern Shang-Chi

Class: Scrapper








  • Master of Martial Arts
    • ​When an enemy attempts to do a counter, follow-up or retaliation attack, Shang-Chi has a chance to prevent and counter that attack
    • Immune to Combo Setup
    • Attacks against targets with Combo Setup are guaranteed to hit and crit
  • Chi Manipulation
    • ​Restores Health gradually during combat
    • 60% chance to remove a debuff every round
    • Will not remove Stun or Exhausted
    • Takes half damage from Magic attacks

L1 Ability - Dragon Combo (Melee Unarmed) - One Enemy, Four Hits, No Cooldown

  • Combo Setup
  • Flanked
  • Disadvantage

L2 Ability - Focused Punch (Melee Unarmed) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Stealthy
  • Exploits Disadvantage
    • ​Deals extra damage against targets with Off-balance, Winded, Neutralized, Impaired, Exhausted, Intimidated, Cornered, Hobbled orFumbling

L6 Ability - Discover Weakness (Debuff) - All Enemies, n/a, 2 Rounds Cooldown

  • Subtle
  • Quick Action
  • Weak Point
  • Pressure Points

L9 Ability - Kung Fu Combo (Melee Unarmed) - One Enemy, Two Hits, No Cooldown

  • Paragon Exploiter
  • Cornered
  • Fumbling
  • Hobbled

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