As first appeared on the M:AA Wikia with the name "Fanmade Fakeness: Sandman", July 13th, 2013

Sandman is one of the villains in the game that I really want to see as a lockbox hero.

Class: Bruiser

Health: 4/5

Stamina: 3/5

Attack: 4/5  

Defense: 4/5   

Accuracy: 2/5

Evasion: 1/5  


  • Form of Sand

​           Sandman's body is made entirely of sand granting special resistance.

  Immune to bleeding and poison.

  Immune to the damage of ground and electricity attacks.


L1. Big Fist (Unarmed Melee) - Sandman turns his arms into giant sand fists. Two hits, single attack.

  • Wide-Open
  • Hobbled
  • Off-balanced

L2. Hammer Head (Unarmed Melee) - Sandman turns his arm into a hammer. One hit, single attack.

  • Weakened 
  • Ignore Defense
  • Shield Breaker
  • Dampen (2 rounds)

​           Ranged attacks do 25% less damage

L3. Disperse (Self Buff) -  Sandman disperses himself into a less solid sand form. Cooldown 2 rounds.

  • Quick Action
  • Removes Debuffs
  • Sand Disperse (1 round)

​            60% to avoid attacks.

    High crit resistance.

      Chance to perform a counter attack when avoiding attacks this way.

L9. Morning Sand Star (Ranged, All Enemies) - Sandman grows into 4 times his normal height, turns his hand into a huge morning star, and pounds it at all enemies which quickly turns into sand dust in the the air. Cooldown 2 rounds. 

  • Desperation Attack
  • Catastrophic
  • Blinded
  • Winded
  • Exploits Flying

So that's my moveset for Sandman. If you have any suggestions about what character I should do next, or have anything you would like me to add/remove from this moveset, type it in the comments below.

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