Sackit SMRPG


Sackits are hooded enemies in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are a stronger relative to Crooks. They are found in Star Hill, where they fight alongside Mukumukus and Geckos.


Sackits can either be Infiltrators or Scrappers.



  • Unarmed Melee
  • 4 hits
  • One Enemy
  • (enemy) Combo Setup - next unarmed attack against this target does extra damage

Bomb Throw

  • Ranged Explosion
  • One Enemy
  • (enemy) Burning - takes fire damage each turn. Defense reduced.
  • (enemy) Exposed - defense decreased by 25%.

Grab Bag

  • Ranged
  • One Enemy
  • (special) random objects - causes random debuffs.

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