ICER Pistol (1/4)

Target: One Enemy           97% / 16%           Ranged Gun

Special Properties

Nonlethal - Cannot be used to kill an enemy, will reduce to 1 health instead.

SHIELD Armory - If the Agent has Berserker Staff, gains a Follow-Up attack that applies Neutralized.

One Enemy

Incapacitation - Chance to lose a turn.

Subdue - Melee damage reduced by 40% and cannot crit, counts as Impaired.

D.W.A.R.F Scanners (2/4)

Target: All           Buff Debuff Tech

Special Properties

SHIELD Tech - Replaces Target Focus with Targeted and becomes a Quick Action if the Agent has ICER Pistol.

All Enemies

Target Focus - Increases damage taken by the next single-target attack

All Allies

Scanner Sweep - Attacks against this Target cannot be Stealthy

Combat Awareness - Counters the next attack.

Coulson's Revenge (3/4)

Target: One Enemy            82% / 7%         Fire Energy Ranged Tech

Special Properties

Part of a Team - Gains Exploit Opportunity and Melt Armor, but only if the Agent has D.W.A.R.F Scanners

Avengers Assemble - Grants Coordinated Attack to all allies, Collaborative Defense with an Avenger and Cooperative Effort with 2 Avengers.

Ignore Defense - Attack ignores the enemy's defense stat.

Berserker Staff (4/4)

Target: One Enemy       83% / 45%      Melee

Special Properties

Old and New - Deals increased damage and gains a high chance to apply Winded and Off-Balance, but only if Agent has Coulson's Revenge.

Berserker Rage - Chance to counter enemy attacks, higher chance to counter with low health.


Berserker - Chance to join in on an ally's attack. Chance to perform a counter attack when an ally is attacked.

Rage - Increases damage by 8%, stacks up to 3 times.

One Enemy

Pain - Increases damage taken by 8%, stacks up to 3 times.

How They Work

Item Advantages Disadvantages
ICER Pistol Incapacitates an enemy, cuts Melee damage, high accuracy overall, Neutralized with the Asgardian Staff. Low damage, cannot kill an enemy, Subdue only reduces Melee effectiveness.
D.W.A.R.F Scanners Grants team Combat Awareness, stops Stealthy attacks against team. Consumes an entire turn without ICER Pistol, not very effective without rest of set.
Coulson's Revenge Grants Avengers Assemble, works with old Avenger Costumes, Ignore Defense. High Stamina, does not Exploit Opportunity for huge damage without DWARF Scanners.
Berserker Staff Gives Agent counter attack and Berserker, increases Agent damage, high damage. Single-target attack, consumes a lot of Stamina, only applies Winded and Off-Balance with Coulson's Revenge.

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