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Chapter Briefing

"After you had your fun with the ponies and their enemies, Russcorn takes you to another M: AA clone known as Mega Man: Robot Master Alliance. There, you tell Mega Man that you're from the Marvel universe and it's being overwhelmed by mysterious invaders. That rings a bell to him, as he fights in Marvel vs Capcom. Joining your team with his Mega Buster, he lets you know that the canon Robot Masters are the good guys in this game and you fight Power Rangers-style ones."

Mission 1: In Hot Water

"What's with the waters in this place?!? They've been boiled and poisoned! Freeze Man rides with you here."

Enemies: SekilLava BubbleOctolotMagma Cube and Slime/Blazikenisawsome

Minibosses: Bin BankiSuper BlooperShower Banki

Team-Up: Freeze Man

Boss: Kegareshia

Team-Up: Mega Man

Deploys: SpongeBobGlaciusElsaAquaman, 1 Blaster

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Premium Mission

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