De Rumia


Rumia is a youkai with the ability of manipulating the darkness, and is one of the few youkai that doesn't seem to belong to any particular species. She first appeared in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil as the first stage boss and midboss, then later in Shoot the Bullet as a stage 1 target and as one of the many background characters in Hopeless Masquerade.

Class: Infiltrator

Gains Combat Reflexes when attacking or attacked by Tacticians. Counters attacks.


Darkness manipulation - Team becomes immune to Blinding and Dark Void, and resistant to Shadow damage. Attacks are always stealthy. Combat Reflexes adds Fumbling to attacks instead of Stealthy.


L1 - Darkness Attack Spell
Ranged Shadow Magic Energy
One Enemy
(special) Ethereal Strike - ignores Avoidance and Incorporeal effects.
(enemy) Blinded - next single-target attack has a chance to miss
(enemy) Dark Void - takes magic damage each turn. Accuracy reduced.
(enemy) Bane - takes extra damage from magic attacks and DoTs.

L2 - Devour
One Enemy
(special) Man-eater - does extra damage to humans
(self) Well Fed - that hit the spot.
(self) Rejuvenate - restores health.
(enemy) Bleeding - takes damage each turn and when attacking.
(enemy) Ravaged - takes extra damage from bleeding

L6 - Shield of Darkness
All Allies
3 round cooldown
(all allies) Shield - absorbs damage.
(all enemies) Disoriented - single-target attacks have a chance to hit an ally.

L9 - Moon Sign "Moonlight Ray"
Ranged Magic Energy
One Enemy
(special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits
(enemy) Remove Buffs
(enemy) Lock-On - takes extra damage from ranged attacks

Team-Up Bonuses

Arcane Arts
Big in Japan
Team 9 - heroes of Touhou's Team 9
Touhou Project

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