Kurse Dialogue

Required Heroes


Ultimate Ronan

Starting Diologue

Ronan(True) - Kurse, you're accusation will be removed if you help me bring the Imposters to the Royal Family for their crimes

Kurse - I agree to you're terms Ronan, just Stay outta my Way.

Ronan(Lord) - You are the imposter Accuser, you're end is nye.

U. Ronan - You're a Failure, an Attempt of Power yet to learn its Place.

Ronan(True) - Liars, you're Doom is NOW!!!!


To be completed


  • Empowered Iso-8 013
    For Ronan(True) - The Accusing E-Iso - All Attacks will now deal 70% more damage on Enemies with Accusation, Accusation can stack up to 3.
  • Empowered Iso-8 015
    For Ronan(Lord) - Verdicting E-Iso :  Grants Hatred is what drives me - Protects allies from single-target attacks; Increases Attack and Defense by 5% whenever attacked
  • Empowered Iso-8 003
    For Ultimate Ronan - Ultimative E-Iso - Grants Ultimate Accuser - Chance to pre-counter an enemy attack with Mark of the Accuser and gain an extra turn.
  • Empowered Iso-8 002
    For Kurse - True Control E-Iso - Extends Recharge to enter Beserk mode and Calm mode

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